Fate/Grand Order General Discussion

It has arrived!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fate-grand-order-english/id1183802626?mt=8

App store is weird and IP blocks people based on their region so here’s the apk in case you don’t live in the US: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzTIg8Q0DK4cRi1yM19qcjFnQU0/view *source

If you can’t download the game directly from the App Store, you may need to also download QooApp which, once they add Fate/GO EN into their page, should allow you to update the game as the App Store will most likely also block you from updating.

In the case of iOS you may need to do this https://github.com/SchoolIdolTomodachi/SchoolIdolAPI/wiki/How-to-install-Japanese-apps%3F#ios in case you can’t download it because of the region block.

If you have any question about the game, particularly what servants to get and what not, ask away!

Useful links:

Drop table Spreadsheet

Best Servants so far
JP Version rate-ups dates

Friend Codes (anyone can edit this post to add their own) - if your in-game name is different than your forum name, you might also want to add that next to your friend code~

Bowiie - 771,095,930
Kyuketsukimiyu (Aurora)671,396,320
HandMC2 (Arashi)569,963,156
Balance013,777,744 (Altera and Tamamo Cat)
Khsellhu513,723,520 (Waver 27 lvl, EMIYA 40 lvl, Martha 32 lvl, Sumanai 27 lvl… never expected leveling to be this painful, lol)
Tamamo-no-Bae (Merani)041 660 657 (My main servants are Waver and Tamamo Cat, Waver isn’t too good yet but later he’ll be really good)


Oh boy, hype! I’ve been waiting so long for this.

If I recall correctly they’re giving away a saber lily and a free 4* pick in addition to the inital summon for players who play on launch. That’s a big bonus so for anyone who’s interested, now’s the time!

I’ll edit this post with my friend code (or whatever they call it) once it’s officialy live.

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Yup, forgot to mention this but until the 31st, people who play on this “launch” date will receive a ton of free starting stuff; straight from their Facebook page, here’s what it says:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Master Recruitment Campaign! Thanks to you guys, we’ve unlocked: Craft Essence “Beginning of the Journey”, 6,000 Friend Points, 10 4-star Blaze of Wisdom, 5 3-star Hero Crystal: Sun Fou and Hero Crystal: Star Fou, a whopping 42 Saint Quartz, and SABER LILY! All players will have access to these prizes until July 31st so make sure you log in early to claim them!

That 42 Quartz is going to warrant a ton of people rerolling for SSR (lol)

I forgot how rerolling works in this game but if it only requires data deletion instead of reinstallation I would suggest that you reroll for an SSR since it’ll definitely help your progression easier.

I haven’t played this game in a bit, but from what I remember they made the tutorial + prologue really long and tedious – and you have to complete it before you get to roll. So you have to repeat the darn thing everytime you want to reroll. I personally wouldn’t do that, though I guess it depends on just how much you want an SSR. And if on top of that you want a specific SSR, well then, may God Nasu be with you.

Hmm, I personally didn’t rerolled in the JP version but I think the tutorial wasn’t that long since you can just skip through the majority of the dialogue parts… Though I think I didn’t rerolled because I had to reinstall the game and all that crap, which is the worst part about it since a ton of data is needed to be redownloaded XP

But yeah, the good thing is that you don’t really need an SSR at all to carry you through the majority of the game, or atleast these first few early stages of it, since everyone’s gonna be on the same (low) level I’ll expect that they’ll make events and stuff easier.

Wow, the Traditional Chinese version was released just over 2 months ago, seeing as I’m not that much into the game and with summer vac coming right up, I wonder if I should play this edition…

Gonna do this because you never play games with me on your toaster PC.

Just tried it, the game doesn’t run on my trash phone :smol:
Guess I’ll stick to traditional chinese lol.

Servers have launched! (an hour and 23 minutes ago)

Time to reroll on my computer and phone (lol)

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OMG got lucky on my second try, even got Tamamo cat out of it :happy:
Don’t like my five star that much, but not gonna push my luck.

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Cool, I tried the Japanese version when that came out but I never was really interested enough to keep going. I need to get a new phone soon so I might download this when I do.

Speaking of Toasters, I tried downloading it and yeah it doesn’t work on my iPotato unfortunately. May not even run on the Traditional Chinese version people are talking about either. Uguu~

My friend code,let’s go Fateboiz

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Waver is the most sought after 5* in terms of servants because his support skills are super useful :lucky:

I added my friend code up top!

My best pull the first summons round is Sigfried. I’m waiting until I am off of work to pull my others, though I have made my way through a lot of the first scenario.

Finally out of rerolling hell!

Also, if your in-game name is different than your forum name, you might also want to add that next to your friend code~


Well, rerolling for 3 times and I’ve got my Jouge Liang who is 5* and, well, 4* Martha and 4* Sumanai.

My ID is 513723520, add me up to the friendlist whenever you want ;D


Ahh, feels so weird with having to carry everything by myself since I can’t rely on level 1 Mashu supports ;-;

I think the best order of action here would be to just farm 3rd Ember Gathering quest for EXP then ascend/max as much as possible until you have to do story quests for materials… No point in doing story quests if your servants are weak since they rely entirely on EXP cards to level up which are mostly obtained by Chaldea/Events.

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ID 276,519,026

I havent roll yet…
I’m too scared hahaha

My Sieghart/sumanai nearly get to max level tho


Added my ID :3

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