Dreams are always a fun topic to talk about in the various forums I’ve visited in my lifetime, so why not have one here? Share what you dreamed about recently, Key related or not~

To tell the truth, I had a pretty amusing dream last night. I dreamt that I was in this store full of figures, and I managed to find not one, but two figures of Kyousuke. One was his gym uniform and the other his school uniform. And they were talking figures! I can’t remember all the quotes, but one of them was definitely “Loli loli hunters da!”.

Then I woke up, cried a little, and went shopping for amiibos early in the morning.


I still recall Kurugaya talking about dreams in Komari’s route in LB! She said dreams are like a whole mess of what you’ve live in the past day. But I didn’t choose Kyousuke to talk about dreams. Does anyone know if he says something interesting?

A dream.
I’m dreaming.
Every day, the same dream.
A dream without an end.
A red dream.
A watery sunset.
The world stained red.
Someone crying.
A child crying.
A small child is crying, as though to viel the sunset sky
Helplessly, all i can do is watch that child’s face, stained by the sunset.
All I want…
All I want is to wipe away those tears…
But my hinds will not move…
The tears running down his cheeks fall into the snow…
All i can do is watch…
It’s all right…
…so don’t cry…
A voice without words.
A voice unheard.
“It’s a promise.”
I wonder who’s Voice that was.
The dream fades into another colour.
“Yes…it’s a promise”


Speaking of which, dream is a reoccurring theme in Key visual novels…

At times I got dreams so realistic I almost unable to tell if those events were just a dream or really happened. When I asked my family about an event in the past, none of them remembers it and they kept telling me if I injured my head or something.

…I’m scared.

All of my dreams are about normal every day life, but I wear cosplay while doing it ._. Pretty boring…
Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which days were real and which were dreams.



I don’t dream with Misuzu often, but when I do, I know serious shit will happen IRL that day…

During the time I played LB! and the 3 or so months after I completed the VN, I had dreams of the LB! cast, particularily Kurugaya and Rin. Once I dreamed of Last Dream scene and somehow, I was Rin. I knew because I only saw Komari

Dream have always interested me not so much in the Freud kind of way but in the sense of what inspires them and why does that inspiration strike at that certain time. One of my favorite reads was reading about a purely “what if” scenario about how you always wake up in dreams right before you die in the dream (ie falling dreams waking up before you hit the ground). And the conversation drifted to what if you didn’t wake up before you died in the dream, is it possible for your mind to be so immersed in the dream that it would cause lasting harm to your psyche? The theory was maybe waking up before dieing in a a dream was actually a defense mechanism of your brains to protect yourself from your dreams.

I found it interesting even if it was a bit nerdy. >.>

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A lot of my dreams are NSFW for obvious reasons. I am a guy, after all. XP

However, there was this one dream where I was evacuating my house to escape a large meteor/alien invasion. I was about to get into the car when I realized I forgot my laptop, and ran back towards the house. Just as I reached the porch, I looked up, and saw the cosmic calamities start to crash down on me. Everything faded to white.

Then, I awoke in a septic tank. The camera then changed to a cinematic camera, which zoomed around my new android body.

Then, I was a crew member of a starship. There was an emergency going about, and I tried rushing to the bridge (the camera was still cinematic), but discovered everyone there dead. Then I heard the door open behind me, and a shadow walked toward me with clanking footsteps. Before I could see his face, the dream ended.

That’s probably one of the more normal dreams I’ve had.


The other day i had a dream where i was a little kid, i was reading a picture book that was telling the story of Honey and clover ,which is my favourite anime, and now i feel the need to buy the manga for it even though i’ve seen the anime multiple times.

“Man, humanity is so doomed! OMG I forgot my laptop must get it back”
Your dream logic is awesome!


Can confirm this is not how it works. There are a couple paradoxes within dreams that allow you to bypass the waking up when you die part, one of the most common is being during a 3rd person dream, but it can also happen in 1st person dreams and even lucid dreams under the right conditions. You sure as hell feel awkward when you wake up though.

Yeah I knew it wasn’t true it just seemed a really interesting thought to me.

One of the strangest dreams/nightmares I’ve had recently is me and Iotheria were hanging out and he just randomly started kidnapping women and putting them in my basement and giving them towels to sleep on…long story short it ended with my grandpa crashing a remote control plane into a tree and setting our house on fire…I swore to never drink white grape juice before going to bed again.

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So the weirdest thing happened to me this morning/last night.

So I was having a dream in which I was playing the piano. I realize that the song I’m playing is Saya’s Song, and at a certain point, I decide to stop. I leave the room, and then see my dad sit down and start playing the same piece from where I left off. “Well thats really weird. Not only is there no sheet music, but theres no way he’s every heard that song before.” And thats where the dream slowly faded out.

Side note: I almost always fall asleep listening to music. The playlist I have for sleep is long enough that if I wake up early sometimes the end of it is still playing. So I slowly start to wake up, and as I realize that my music is still playing I think: “Wouldn’t it be really strange if Saya’s Song was playing right now?” And sure enough, it was.

Now, my first thought was that it was some crazy coincidence that has some transcendent meaning, because it felt like the dream was pretty long, and the song still went on for a minute or two after I woke up, so it felt like my dream started first, and then the song started playing.

Of course, thinking about it now, it makes much more sense that the song playing triggered my dream. Because its playing still playing during REM, it makes sense that sometimes I would sometimes hear the music in my dreams.But even in that case there is still something really weird about it:

The only version I have of Saya’s Song on my sleep playlist is from the Ripresa album. Which is the piano only version. TL;DR: So I had a dream about playing a song the piano, something I haven’t done IRL for a reletively long time, triggered by subconsciously hearing the piano version of a song while I was asleep.

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Right I was holding my urge to post my opinions/dreams here but now Im going full out.

So, I think all of you must have experienced that “falling down” dream in the past. As a psychologist I did a research on it with my mom and we found out that those kind of dreams are based on your mood or physical condition. If you are under heavy stress you have a 75% chance to get a falling dream.
I had those when I was little and what was really weird about them is the fact, that the hole I was falling down in was almost endless - at the end of the hole was BIG SPIKY spikes that would pierce your body and kill you in a second you land on them. Well but even tho I had those I NEVER FELL on them completely - I always woke up 0,1 second before Im gonna hit them, with a feeling like I was falling down for a really long long time. I had that “bouncy” feeling … something as you would land on your bed.

Dreams overall are really interesting because it reflects your real intenstions. You can basically create sub-universes with a dream and then always get back to them and relate to them what you have seen/heard/felt there. Its something mysterious yet fascinating.

I have this kind of … lets say ability that when Im hyped about something, it gets in my dream.
It can be from a game, or a real life event … basically everything lol.

Yesterday I had a dream about being a fucking president… I have no idea why, but basically it showed me how ridicously people can listen to you and how much power you can have. It was ridiciolous and everywhere I went people looked at me and said “omg its him the president”… no idea why I had that dream, and it was reaaaaally weird.

There is this thing that people can conrol their dreams. It is true and I know how to manage that.
Ill write some simple steps how you can achieve that but ITS NOT GUARANTEED that it will work for everyone.

If you do remember your dream and want to have it again, or rather control it in a way that you can decide how it will be like, write it down on some paper right after you wake up. Then you gotta always read the previous dream before going to bed or sleeping. Your mind should have an image of what you dreamt about and it should give you the same dream you had. Do this for couple of days, and the series of dreams you have written will be in your head, and your mind should automatically choose one of those. If you will have the same dream but wont realise you are in a dream - therefore you cant control it - you have to try that again until you realise you are in a dream and that you are a god in your own small unvierse.
It may sound complicated but its really simple and it worked for me and so did to one of my friends. You can just get wings and fly away, thats he first thing I did :stuck_out_tongue:

Phew well sorry for such a long post, and happy dreaming :p.


I’ve never fallen in a dream, but I can’t lay on a bed because it makes me feel like I’m falling! Beds are weird~ Impossible to fall asleep on.

You can just ask yourself if you are dreaming every day or two, and you’ll get the same thing.

[quote=“IkaCZ, post:14, topic:842”]
So, I think all of you must have experienced that “falling down” dream in the past.
[/quote]I’ve experienced times where I felt like I was sliding off my bed, but then I’d catch myself before falling.

[quote=“IkaCZ, post:14, topic:842”]
write it down on some paper right after you wake up.
[/quote]I rarely write down my own dreams nowadays, but I do have some lucid ones that I can still remember parts of off the top of my head.

[quote=“Takafumi, post:15, topic:842”]
Beds are weird~ Impossible to fall asleep on.
[/quote]Huh. =/

I can sleep pretty much anywhere (I’ve even slept on carpet before), but the main problem for me is trying to get to sleep. I seem to fall asleep faster with the lights on for some reason. =/

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Oh, I can sleep anywhere as long as it’s grounded. A bed is high-up and doesn’t feel solid, so it’s scary~
Lights don’t matter to me. On or off are the same.

If I’m not mistaken, he’ll tell Riki about the REM sleep. All and all, his are pretty similar to Kurugaya’s.

Dream, huh?
My dream is to become the king of pirate!
Ah, it’s not that kind of dream, isn’t it.

About dreaming… I never really understand what my dream is about, because they are very very random. I tried writing them down on a dream journal, and when I read it, they don’t make any sense at all. .-.
But then again, I probably write them wrong since the memory about the dream fades away very quickly.

Also, there’s a funny occurrence where my dream was cut out because I suddenly woke up. It was stopped at a very interesting point and I was curious about what would happen next. So, I slept again, hoping to be able to continue that dream where it left off.

Sometimes it works!

whoa I wish I have the same superpower. :confused:

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I have a hard time sleeping in beds oddly enough I’m much more comfortable sleeping on a couch for the main reason I guess is I sleep on my side and I like having something against my back so if I’m in bed I just have to make due with a pillow or something.

I sleep on a couch in my living room. There’s a bunch of bedrooms, but meh =w=
I can actually hear people knocking on the door this way too.