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Reading a route a week may seem daunting, I’m inclined to agree. But think about it a different way. You’re not reading a route a week, instead, you’re aiming to get the entire thing read by the end of three months. Three months is a lot of time! If we did 2 weeks a route, that would be 6 months! 6 months reading a single story is insane. The idea with the CLANNAD Bookclub is that, whenever you have some free time, you read as much as you can! Don’t just aim to read one route a week, read two, or three! Maybe you’ll end up reading several routes in a few days if you find yourself with a lot of free time. The great thing about this Bookclub is that you’re not locked into a schedule. You read that beast according to your own schedule. Three months should be more than enough time to get it done, in fact I’d hope most people get it done within two months. The biggest hurdle will be the first two weeks, getting ahead of the podcast. But since the first week is dedicated to common route, we’re giving you a bit of a handicap to get ahead quickly. Once you’re a route or two ahead of the podcast, you’ll be fine.

Dunno if that alleviates any of your concern, but I hope that explains some things.


I think it’s a ridiculously long time, but it kinda has to be.
With the length of Clannad routes, 1 or 2 routes a day would be the normal clear speed, assuming you have other life things doing on at the same time.
During the time of the common route week, you could read the VN a good few times.

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To be honest I think @Result 's pace of 3 routes in a year is simply just suuuuuper slow, even for average readers. So you’re gonna have speed up the pace to keep up with everyone else, IMO

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I now have a schedule for the podcasts ready! Each podcast will be recorded at 7pm CST on Saturday. Mark it on your calendar!

28th November - Baseball (No guest)
5th December - Misae: @Bowiie (Absent)
12th December - Tomoyo: @daysofsummer
19th December - Yukine: @Gnashes
2nd January - Kotomi: @SuikaShoujo (Absent)
9th January - Kyou: @Iotheria
16th January - Kappei: @Naoki_Saten
23rd January - Sunohara: @therationalpi
30th January - Fuko: @cjlim2007
6th February - Koumura: @DMB
13th February - Nagisa: @Yerian
20th February - After Story (TBD)
Approx. 27th February - CLANNAD Bookclub Anthology!

Make sure you’ve done the required reading in time, take lots of notes to bring up, and please be present on Discord in the week leading up so we can plan for the episode!
Guests will also be expected to prepare a 30 second recap of their route :wink:


Schedule just barely passes into my busy season. Looks like I might actually be able to manage this without too much trouble.

And the day after, we celebrate kazaversary. Sweeeet~


Something I’m interested in knowing is whether or not we will also generally cover bad ends in route discussions. Back in AIR we just kinda stuck to a walkthrough that doesn’t really diverge from the straight path through all the routes (in hindsight I kinda regret following it for the common route) so will we do the same with CLANNAD?

I put my two cents regarding bad ends in the forum back in the AIR, and I’ll be sure to do so again when the CLANNAD bookclub comes around :smiley:

Are you going to have a few set questions for each week, like a real bookclub?

At first I thought you were talking about the podcasts - in which case, yes, we will have topics to talk about. Some of which we’ll decide based on forum members’ ‘Key Points’ they post on the forum for us to discuss on the podcast.

But for the forum discussion? No, we’ve decided against providing specific prompts for people to discuss. The way it’s worked in previous Bookclubs is that we want to give forum members the freedom to guide the discussion to what THEY find interesting, so we don’t want to restrict that by placing questions that people have to discuss.

That said, our staff team will doing our bit to stimulate discussion by throwing interesting discussion prompts. But this is something anybody can do, not just staff.


Got a question for you guys! I haven’t read After Story myself so I’m not the best judge of its length, so I’d like you to turn to you guys to help me reach a decision here. Take a vote, and share your thoughts explaining why.

Should the After Story podcast be extended a week?

  • Yes, we need more time!
  • No, I’m fine continuing on schedule.
  • Split it into multiple episodes!

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I personally think we should continue on schedule. Of course, I am personally not worried about it because I am just about starting After Story which gives me two weeks to finish it. But myself aside, I notice that a lot of people have already started it, or have already finished it. So I think that if we extend it, it might decrease activity on the topics.

I’ve been really short on time lately and I’m already behind. It’s gonna be really tough for me to get After Story finished in time. But that’s just personal reasons.
I’m all for splitting After Story into multiple episodes because otherwise, the podcast will be either really long or really rushed. Splitting it, on the other hand, should give it more quality.

How would you have us split it up?
Dammit, these results are way too evenly spread…

My initial opinion was to split it via the 3 playthroughs of After Story (normal end, akio end, true end) but I guess that’d make the normal end take way more time compared to the others.

At the same time, I guess splitting it to more than 2 sessions would be a bit much as well, despite it being long… So one idea would be to split it up into before and after (after story major spoilers) Nagisa’s death. Just a guesstimate that would kind of mark aboooout half of after story’s content

I was going to suggest splitting it into 2 parts, side stories and main story, but the lengths wouldn’t be balanced at all. So on second thought, Pepe’s suggestion is better.

I think it would make a lot of sense to split it into at least 2 if not 3 based on the playthroughs. I finished all 3 of the after story and Akio’s route will just end up as footnote if you try and talk about it sandwhiched between the regular and true. I think it would be best to split it into 3, normal, Akio, then True, but if you do 2 maybe you could split it to be Akio, then Normal/True.

The true end, despite being kind of short in comparison to the normal end I think has a lot to talk about though, so I think you could easily get three episodes out of After Story.

In my opinion, stretching out After Story over 3 weeks and 3 episodes feels excessive. 2, maybe.

The problem with that 2-split is, unlocking Akio route requires progressing halfway into normal, and making people pause their read of the normal run to read Akio inbetween is… brutal? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it should be a 3-split (because splitting it up in a way that doesn’t align with the general reading order kinda sucks), but it doesn’t need to be across 3 weeks? Maybe make normal end the first week, then Akio route in the middle of the week thereafter, and true end at the end of the week?