Charlotte - Episode 8 "Encounter"

Discussion topic for Episode 8 of Charlotte, which premièred on the 22nd of August, 2015. All references to outside works and to future episodes must be tagged with a [spoiler] tag.

This topic also hosted Charlotte Anime Bookclub discussion, and was referenced in our Episode 8 Podcast.

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I am glad how this overall turned out. It was a nice episode, not as good as the last one, but still really good. The first half consisted of making Yuu realize, that school didnt change much and everyone is still as usual. Then the second part got them to go on the path of healing Nao’s brother, which was in my opinion really good executed and I am really curious, what happens in the next episode.

Truly an episode about the power of music.

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This was probably my favourite episode so far. I liked Yuu actually doing something for someone and I like him a lot more than I ever did with his dick attitude from the start. I also really liked how the ending scene with Sala singing and no other noise, not Nao’s brother screaming, not Yuu, no music, bugs, birds, etc. Just watching it while the music played was great.

One thing I do hope they don’t continue (although not really an issue just feels lazy to me) is characters that look like someone from Angel Beats! and share the same voice actor and even bits of their personality. I don’t think there will be too many more characters introduced at this point so I doubt it will continue but you never know.

Something I forgot to write! I also don’t think Sala is the Tomari’s benefactor anymore. Unless she was faking for some reason she didn’t seem to know anything about their situation (also why wouldn’t they have thought to try the singing before?)

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I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did! I went into this expecting it to be a ‘healing episode’, and it turns out I was very right, but it managed to surpass my expectations. Beautiful! Sala is such an amazing character, and the episode got some very deep emotion out of me.

But, there is this ominous sense welling up in me that something bad is going to happen at this ZHIEND concert. It’s the event we’re building up to, so something has to happen…


I really liked the way Yuu started to feel appreciation for the nice atmosphere around him. It felt like a pretty natural way of having him return to his day-to-day life while still not forgetting that Ayumi did, in fact, die. Sala was pretty great. The scene with her and Kazuki was really nice too. It was still a quite slow-placed episode with nothing far out happening, but the way it slowly moved things forward worked well enough. I still hope for a bigger twist next episode, haha.

Also, Sala trading her eyesight to God to return to more normal days? (Angel Beats Spoilers) S=I confirmed

SALA IS SO AWESOME. That’s all I have to say. The part where she started singing in front of Nao’s brother really got me, I think it was my favorite scene of these last few episodes.

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well, I’m surprised how this episode turned out.
Yuu actually got some character development, and actually one that isn’t like, way too drastic. The songs in the episode were really awesome…for the most part (f*** Yusa trying to sing english).
And HOLY DAMN Sala. She just took the place for favorite character right away. And the scene with Nao’s brother at the end just was a really nice touch of something nice happening, which actually makes a great contrast to all the despair in the last few episodes.
It definetly is one of the best episodes so far

Damn, that skirt has some skills.

[This episode was an absolutely joke of writing and direction, I have absolutely no care for it]


I liked this episode, and I never thought I would come to like Sala. Sala is an amazing character. She truely can see the world. It was nothing tearjerking, but I was happy when Nao’s brother was sane, at least a bit, again. I feel like, the road ahead, is a dark, and scary place after next week’s episode. 5 episodes to go.

Light feeling, like the way Sala sang to comfort Nao’s brother. Old-school style “Key’s magic” is comming back, the light at the end of tunnel. Best episode i guess.

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Horrible English subs aside, this episode was great.
Character development, good music, heavy atmosphere, foreshadowing…
Awesome new character introduction in Sala, really like her.

Looking forward to next week’s episode for sure, something big is likely to occur at this concert.


It was fine. Sala really made this episode better. WHERE’S THE PLOT

Liked the episode, Sala is a great character and her helping Naonao’s brother by singing was nice, and I also liked seeing how Yuu is slowly trying to accept and get used Ayumi being gone
For a moment I thought Nao would tear up a bit during the phone call at the end, but oh well^^

I’m guessing this is a sort of episode to somewhat explain what’s gonna happen later.

The time travel crew theory has Nao’s brother so him being in said crew would be impossible had he not recovered somehow.

Overall pretty good episode.

At one point the subs actually missed a whole sentence, somewhere at the beginning Yuu thought that he should apologize to/make up with Shiranayagi-san.


The scientists could be already well aware of Yuu and are waiting for the right time to strike, which could be at the concert, since it’d be a crowded place. If they even exist.

Bit annoyed that they used Sala as a method to tell us how Yuu is feeling rather than showing us actual character progression, but the episode was enjoyable. Definitely one of the better ones.

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Poor Yuu trying to one-up Nao and failing xD
But everything worked out in the end, he’s pretty smart after all.