Angel Beats! - Visual Novel Details & Ongoing Speculation

There is no way that’s going to happen lol, like no way.
I’d resign if that happened.

But Key showed a CG where Yuri is telling Otonashi about her past or not?

Yeah you are probably right. I don’t think they had the time to even made the whole game but with the choices in the common route already structured for the next routes and locked out if this was a more “mainstream game” (not sure what to call it here) I wouldn’t be surprised if locked disc DLC would be the case. Again this is just me being pessimistic XD

I don’t think I remember any CG of the sort, no. Hmmm they could be just keeping it secret for now, but I dunnooooo

They did, look at the op of this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s the anime scene. We don’t know the -extent- of that scene, it may not go that far. But it’s there.

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So here’s something fun I’ve discovered-

Currently, when you save in the trial at least, the volume that you’re playing on is shown in a free space to the bottom right of the slot. Seems that future beats will be pulling from the same file, furthering the ‘expansion’ idea. Each beat just adds onto one big Angel Beats! file and updates that game. At least, that seems to be the current plan for it. INTERESTING.

There’s also the lock and it reminds me of the whole ‘you can’t stop me from seeing this again, I’ll save and reload!’ Would be hilarious if, since you can plainly see the system knows which beat the save is- If it can lock it. www @Aspirety


Interestiiiing. So 1st beat will be like the main game, then you can get more beats as they go? Like you can skip 2nd beat but get 3rd beat… maybe?

The lock is just there so players can prevent themselves from moving or overwriting the save file accidentally. That one carried over from Rewrite.

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I think that’s what they were saying in the links Biz posted earlier:

The machine translation I read of that used the word “append.” They did say that 1st beat needed to be installed first for 2nd beat to be able to be used. But I have no idea if you could skip 2nd to get to 3rd. Hmm…

So I guess the question is if the expansions function more like DLC in modern games (don’t need any of the other expansion packs to play, just the main game), or if it depends on each preceding beat before it. Based on how grandiose they’re making it, I would suspect the latter since different beats will likely interact with future beats to affect the story.

Looking at it another way… Let’s say person “X” and “Y” are the only routes in n-beat, but in (n + 1)-beat they have the possibility of disappearing. If you install “n + 1” before “n,” then cause “X” and “Y” to disappear, then you effectively make the "n"th beat useless.

From a production and development point of view, requiring all preceding beats is simplest. Though some beats might be stand-alone as well.

^ I’m just typing my thoughts as they occur. If you happen to spot any sign of sanity or logic in there, let me know. xP

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You missed the part where this was a cruel joke and took it literally.


They just released an app on the android market that gives you alarms and news about the VN and the new anime Charlotte as well. Might come in pretty handy.
Does this work for anyone? It auto closes whenever I run it. I don’t know if it’s because i’m in the states and not in Japan or wut.


It keeps crashing for me, too, and I’m in Japan =/

@EndOfRefrain was able to make it work though :o

Yup, works fine for me. Dunno what’s the reason for that though.

Works fine on me.

XPeria Sola using Android 4.4.4

It’s the power of the Sony phones. xD

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Damn, i’m using a Nexus on 5.1. I think it’s more about the version compatibility rather than the phone type.

Not work on 5.1.1, still the very same phone.

Ah yeah, maybe it’s a Lollipop thing

Post from Apr '14 Yuri couldnt have committed suicide I cant accept that! She is our fearless leader who always pulls through!

Hey @Bizkitdoh

What do you have to say about all this? :stuck_out_tongue: