Angel Beats! - Visual Novel Details & Ongoing Speculation

So right now they just updated their Key website and the visual novel with some sort of vote. It has Na-Ga, who’s their main drawer, and all the SSS members. Anyone know what this is? If not, i’m just going to vote for Shiina.

The vote is saying (I can’t read or write about this atm) that NaGa is to draw, from a vote, a character in the uniform of the voters choice. I guess most votes wins. For what this drawing is for, I don’t know! Japanese!

tl;dr character, then outfit which lists from what I can tell,

Male SSS uniform, Fem SSS uniform, NPC Male, NPC Female, Gym suit, Swimsuit, Judo outfit, Animal, Nude.

I’d write about this but I have work in 30 and no translator~!

Also- Heartily Song Single release date!
As well as the ED title. It’s by Suzuyu~ :smiley:

The beginning of the end…? I can’t read!
Hopefully people tear this apart while I’m at work.

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Nude… Really? Would they really just straight up draw a naked drawing of any character including the males… ಠ_ಠ

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Doubtful, but again I can’t really tell what the drawing is for. I mean some of the preorders are ‘naked’ so sure.

I wouldn’t say nude as much as really really really lewd. None of the parts are actually showing which is what prevents it from being all naked.

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You will get the drawing as a bonus if you preorder the game :slight_smile: Voting will end on the 23. February.

Heartily Song (OP) Details:
Sung by Lia, Lyrics & Composition by Jun Maeda
Ending Song:
Sung by Suzuyu, Lyrics by Jun Maeda, Composition by Tomohiro Takeshita

Goes on sale April 1st!


Thank you so much @taiyaki! You get a title and a mention on the article.

Hmmmmmm although I’m not going to get the game, I might just get Heartily Song~ It is Lia, after all :3 I hope they release a preview, though, so that I’ll know what kind of style the song is in.

Well,Na-ga said he wanted to draw Matsushita so I’m gonna vote Matsushita-Naked to respect his wish.


SHIT why didn’t I think of that!?! XD

Oh my lord… That would be one thing to behold. I don’t know if I’d puke or admire it, all I know is that I would stare at it for a long time. But knowing Japan and all the fanart out there, its either going to be Yui, Iwasawa, Yuri, Kanade and its going to be naked 100%.

This. I honestly don’t expect anything else.

Mission Naked Matsushita STAATO


Naked Hinata needs your vote



I can’t express how much joy I have with this VN getting a new OP and ED. My Soul, Your Beats and Brave Song are great and all but man am I glad that this new and hefty presentation of this story comes with a new representation. How about that ED title, man. Whoo! I’m so excited ^^

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Yeah, I don’t think My Soul, Your Beats and Brave Song would have really fit for VN OPs and EDs anyway. And getting new music is always super hype~ Can’t wait for the rest of the new OST either!

Fuck you guys I voted for Pyjama Yusa

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I gave Matsunude a vote, but the rest of my votes are going Masami _____, with a different thing each time.

Pj Yusa is the only choice they needed to put. Why did they even make it a poll in the firstplace?


Judo Kanade, I want to see it happen.