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Use this thread to share your favourite quotes from AIR, and help make this thread the definitive collection of AIR quotes! Or if you just wanna share some screenshots from the game or anime, that’s fine too. As a guideline, try to keep the thread in a healthy balance of funny and serious quotes, without drifting too far in one direction. If you come up with a really good quote, I might even include it on the AIR information page on the main site! Let’s get started.

Anything from the series can be posted without spoiler tags. Since we will be posting direct quotations of dialogue stated in the series, please note that there can and will be spoilers in this topic.

“Wings that can’t fly still have a purpose, because no matter what happens they still hold the memories of being able to fly.” -Yukito Kunisaki

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As much as I want to type this whole quote out, it’d take too long, so I’ll just leave a link (don’t mind the intro if the video). Spoilers for the ending of the anime.

“It was the beginning of a summer that was as short as a stars twinkle…and as long as an eternity.”

“My child, listen carefully. The story that I am about to tell you is very important. It is a long, long story of a journey that will be passed down from parent to child endlessly, starting now.”

“The summer sky… I’m always reaching out, struggling to get there. There’s something up there that I long to touch… But all I ever feel are fragments of the wind.”

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“Isn’t happiness a good thing because there isn’t all that much of it? I mean, the more precious something is, the stronger your emotions are when you obtain it.” - Kunisaki Yukito

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Ooh, I like that one.

Damn I totally forgot how heavy the ending of AIR was ;_;

And that’s why I love it. Hell, I just watched the video again and have tears streaming down my face as I’m typing this.

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It’s really nice for a lot or reasons.

First, it just fits the theme of Air really well… Going further- On top it seems cynical, but it isn’t really. It’s more of a message of life appreciation. It’s taking the fact that life is tough but at the same time so incomprehensibly beautiful. It’s a very down to earth statement.

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Hit a nice one about friendship~

“If the three of us walk together, then if one of us has a heavy weight, the other two can help. If all three of us carry it, then it’ll be far lighter than if there were only one of two of us… And if the weight becomes too heavy to carry, we can all stop until it becomes lighter again.” - Kunisaki Yukito

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“How many seasons do people live through this way? The delight of meeting and the sadness of parting. We wait for the next season, tightly holding on to both of those feelings. We’ll smile for today while watching the gentle sunset, and entrust our dream to tomorrow. That way, we can face what lies ahead… We can’t help but live like this. I think to myself- People aren’t sad that things change. We’re sad because we can’t live without changing.” - Kunisaki Yukito

“I wanted things to stay like this forever. I wanted us to all be together forever. I wanted us to walk through the same wind. Other people might laugh at us for living in a dream. They might say it’s just a dream, so it’s not real. But I don’t care if they do. Because… Because we’re…” - Minagi Tohno

(There is no last word to the above quote- You’re to fill it in yourself. I personally find that happy fits best.)

Damn, Air is good.
That’s all from me until I finish~

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I’m loving these :smiley:

Sounds like you finished best girl’s route at least~

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Yukito: “Do you still have school?”
Kano: “Yeah. I’m still on the Pet Committee.”
… And then I remember the reason I came here in the first place…
Yukito: “I came here to deliver your packed lunch.”

I lied. I just laughed so hard at this.

Recurring quote that is one big quote, all said by Yukito’s mother:

There exists a girl with wings, far away in the sky. She’s been there for a long, long time. And she’s still there, even now. The same wind blows against her spread wings for all eternity.

Added later is: The girl keeps having the same dream… She’s always, always been alone… Continually disappearing, without ever growing up… She relives that sad dream over and over and over…

Even more later: I’ve been on a journey for a very long time. A journey to find that girl in the sky. My own mother was too, as was my mother’s mother. And all of us eventually met her. And gained many sad memories… But you know, Yukito. I don’t want to force that onto you. You should do whatever makes you happy. Humans live to find their own happiness. Right, Yukito?

Other ones I liked~

“The dream of the girl gazing at an endless floor of clouds, all by herself. My chest burns with pain, and I look down at the ground. Even as a child I could understand her sorrow.” - Kunisaki Yukito

“The girl in the sky. The girl in the unending sadness. I decided I wanted to see her smile. I began walking with that purpose in mind.” - Kunisaki Yukito (This one is my favorite)

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Anyone got the one about a family is a group of people that sticks together from the Summer arc? I’ve not seen AIR in ages, but that’s the one line that grabbed me. Does this fit the bill? Credit to @Bizkitdoh

That is most likely alluding to it- But they’re talking about something within the Summer arc itself.

It’s the scene where Kanna asks what a family is, and Uraha responds by attaching herself to Kanna.

That wasn’t really much of a quote, kinda more like a silly conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:


“This is my real home. This is my family, right here. My home is the place where I’m the happiest. What blood I have doesn’t matter. The place I want to be more than anywhere else is my home. And the people I want to be with more than anyone else are my family.” - Misuzu Kamio