AIR Quotes & Screenshots

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Here’s one:

“Besides, it’s memorable because the seasons move on. It won’t leave an impression if you’re in the same place all the time. You’ll always remain the way you are now.” - Kunisaki Yukito

Coming from a tropical country, THIS MEANS NOTHING TO ME

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Just a reminder that this topic exists, and you guys should absolutely be using it!

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Best quote confirmed. Sasuga Yukito

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To be continued~


Kano route quote dump.

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“She has a home to return to and a family member waiting for her. There’s no greater happiness than that.”
-Kunisaki Yukito

“I kick him with an authentic New Zealand rugby kick.”

“I might not believe in a girl in the sky after all.
Maybe I’m just looking for a reason to stay on my journey.
Because I don’t know any other way of living.”
-Kunisaki Yukito

-Kunisaki Yukito

There were probably some more decent quotes in there, but those were the ones I got.


Time for a massive quote dump!


And lastly, the entire speech at the end of AIR.

So I watched the AIR Movie in English a few months back. As you would expect from such a classic American film, there were many beautiful moments that reached into the depths of my soul and changed my outlook on life. It’s impossible for one to truly capture the essense of this masterpiece, this magnum opus of western cinematography in mere screencaps, but in the hopes of sharing my feelings with you all I have gathered the most impressive scenes from the AIR Movie and placed them into an album. Fasten the velcro on your sneakers and prepare to be amazed by…

AIR: The Movie: The Album

this movie is fucking hillarious lmao