Wonder Festival 2017 Winter

Hi, there. I went to the Wonder Festival and see some figure kits of amateur sector. I also seen cosplay of Kotori (Rewrite).

Smaller figures of Little Busters

Nayuki and Akiko from Kanon

Yumemi of Planetarian


Sure would love those Little Busters and planetarian figs. That Riki is perfect T_T

I’ll take the other one then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I also like the other one. Like. Like it a lot. Wow. :huhu:

Those look really nice, especially the Smaller figures of Little Busters. ^^

This isn’t Key related but I really wish I bought this Closer garage kit from Silent Hill 3. Unfortunately due to money, my lack of garage kit skills, and a lack of space (it’s fucking huge) it would have been impractical anyway.

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I went the winter 2018 issue and see figure of Yumemi and members of Kanon (very small) and Kud.

Good Smile’s Nendoroid Nagisa.

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You;re so lucky to see these T_T you ever go again let me know, there are some kits I really want and search everyday almost online >.> I follow a few of the kit makers on Twitter and follow the progress. I always miss Wonderfes and have only attended Treasure Fest.

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Figures on Summer 2018.

Figures shows on the Winter 2019.