Winter Festival Complete. Here's a Monthly Terra!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m proud to report that the Winter Festival was a big success! Not that there weren’t areas for improvement, but I am so happy with each team’s dedication over the 17-day event. Wrapping up this festival, we’ve recorded a special edition of The Monthly Terra featuring representatives from three of the four Winter Festival teams and organiser Hardscope! We then go over all of the events that took place in the festival in a laid-back radio show. I promise the audio levels are better this time, I even bought a mic stand! For those who missed the festival, this video should be a fun way to peek into everything that came of it. Or if you don’t wanna listen to a 2-hour talk show, The General Hub Topic lists everything that happened as well!

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The winter festival was an absolutely awesome experience. To be honest, I was seriously underestimating it when it was announced, but it ended up surpassing all expectations by far.

A big, big THANK YOU to the festival organizers who made it all possible. You guys rock! And you made a lot of people happy ^^


Yeah it was TONS of fun and it was great to know members better and share my love for KEY with other people! I can’t wait for the next one :3 A shout out to my team, Team Happiness and to the organizers to making it happen and of course to all the participants!


Was finally able to listen! Great podcast, and a fun festival :ahaha:

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