Winter Festival 2018 - Event: Key Music Recognition Quiz (Master Mode Unlocked!)

For this event, we’ve made 30 five-second long clips of music from Key games. Your job as a group is to identify the name of each song. Send your answers to me privately before the end of the festival.

Remember, using Shazam or any similar service is cheating, and that’s no fun for anybody!

You can find the clips here:
Just double click on a clip to play it in your browser.

Thus event will run from now until 23:59 UTC on the 28th.
Light Orbs are based on your team’s number of correct answers:
26-30 - 5 Light Orbs
21-25 - 4 Light Orbs
16-20 - 3 Light Orbs
11-15 - 2 Light Orbs
6-10 - 1 Light Orb
0-5 - 0 Light Orbs

UPDATE: Master Mode Unlocked!

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Ahhhhhhh, I want to be a part of this one! Anyone want some hints? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve got almost everyone’s results now, and you’re all scoring 5 light orbs across the board. I think you guys need more of a challenge!

Given this, I’ve decided to create a new Music Recognition Quiz. Welcome to Aspirety’s MASTER MODE!

The rules are a little different this time. I’ve split the playlist into 3 categories.
M01-M10 are Original Tracks. Guess these and you get 1 point each.
M11-M20 are Official Arrangements. All of these are from KSL albums or official Key-affiliated sources (ie. Maeda) and are arrangements of other Key tracks. You get 1 point for identifying what track the arrangement is based off, and another point for identifying the exact album and track.
M21-30 are the real proving grounds, as these are all doujin arrangements. Again, 1 point for identifying the origin, and another for identifying the track and album.

45-50: 4 Light Orbs
35-45: 3 Light Orbs
25-35: 2 Light Orbs
15-25: 1 Light Orb
0-15: 0 Light Orbs

The real test begins now! We’ll be running Master Mode until 23:59 UTC the 30th. Impress me, kagikko. :badass:

this gonna be :fire:

Excited for new challenge :3 Original tracks meaning they are from VN and/or anime key only? Or do they branch off to other works that aren’t key?

Like… Don’t expect any Nature Couleur, but Maeda-composed music sold by VisualArt’s are fair game.

Wow you guys got your butts handed to you with this one, hahaha. I feel a little bad though, so I’m gonna be giving 1 participation Light Orb to those that scored under the threshold.

Team Happiness: 10 Points - One Light Orb
Vitamin C: 13 Points - One Light Orb
Chocomint: 26 Points, Two Light Orbs! Well done.

You can check the results here! No peeking until you give up Buff Busters~

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