The KEY Anthology Saxophone Collection - Lossless

Hey, so remember that saxophone fan album I put out last year?

Well, even though I never really thought people would care or that it was necessary for just a fan cover album, I’ve finally gotten around to remastering it in a (near) lossless format. It took a while because I had to go back through the original recordings for each song in order to encode the files from scratch, and I decided to tweak a couple of the songs while I was doing that, but be looking for another post with the updated files.

I don’t have a solid release date for it yet, but it will probably go up in the next couple days.

Three new download formats:
AIFF (lossless)
MP3 320
AAC 256


Huuuhe thanks for this! You the man @japesland. Ever since I heard your album, I’ve been wanting to hear it lossless one day~

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Good Luck with that!
I’m cheering for you!

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