The K.E.Y. Quote Compendium

I’ve prepared this list of quotes that will be included in The K.E.Y.

I’ve already got quotes for everything, but I’m opening the floor to suggestions for better quotes! You can leave your quotes as comments in the spreadsheet.

Guidlines for quotes: They should be spoken by the character the route is named after, they should well represent the content of the route, they shouldn’t be too long (a lot of these will be shortened), and they should as much as possible represent the character’s views at the end of the arc, not the beginning or middle. And they should use the most up-to-date translation possible.


I only really suggestions for Komari. Here are a few:

  • “May your eyes grow a little better, only a little better, so you may see all the many nice things out there.”
  • Even though I have finally realized you are gone, and there are so many sad things out there that may make me cry, I am sure after then I’ll be able to smile yet again.”
  • “I tried doing something with the last page, by the way. I mean, the page was blank, and the story didn’t seem like it was over. So I added the final bit… It’s a little bit sad, but I believe it’s a good ending, because it’s not only sad.”

(oh noes I missed out on the spreadsheet comment wait)


oh noes it’s a typo :flustered:

A lot of the quotes seem to… not fit the guidelines? Don’t wanna be too picky, maybe there are no alternatives, but there seems to be a mismatch.

Makoto’s quote seems too out of character when taken out of context. Not sure I like it. There’s a bunch that capture that same abandoned-puppy theme but in a way I find more fitting to Makoto’s general personality, and that come from a Makoto that has memories.

“If I go to sleep by myself, I’m all by myself in a really dark place… It’s so dark I can’t see anything… and I’m so alone.”

Or maybe get something more upbeat.
“You’ve got to put the fun things first.”
“If it was always spring, I’d always be happy…”

I think the focus of the Mai quote is off. I think it should be more about Mai’s strong sense of friendship. Something like:

“I want us to be together as well… I don’t mind you, so I want us to be together. You, me and Sayuri.”

Or maybe it’d be best to show how her weapon, her meaning in life, is top priority even if she seems to not care about herself.

“I’ll look after you afterwards, okay…? But right now I’m going to borrow your weapon.”

She isn’t the most quotable girl around.


I keep thinking that I should’ve comissioned fanart of Mai and Sayuri together instead of just Mai :ahaha:

But yeah, I made the best of what I could of most of the quotes. I’ll definitely take some of your suggestions for these ones.


Went and bolded all the quotes that I particularly feel could be improved upon!


Even cats fall from poles.


For Harmonia my favorite quote is (very light spoilers) If love had a shape it would be round, after all, love could never hurt anyone. The one you have currently does relate to the whole theme of Harmonia’s emotions in general but my choice in quote strongly relates to my analysis on why Harmonia is all about love.

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“This town gives us happiness on a whim and takes it away just as quickly.” - Tomoya Okazaki

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Good, but like most of the quotes you’ve posted I can think of better ones to represent that part of the story

Can we have quotes for oppai route in Rewrite quotes? Or will we not have it since it is just a route intended purely for humour?

Pretty much yeah.