The Continued LINE Adventures of the Dango Daikazoku

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This sticker feels so uncharacteristically dark. First of all, they usually don’t show multiple Dango with the same color, but here we have the implication that they are mass produced in a factory. Beyond that, the Dango unknowingly fall off the conveyor belt into an undefined pit. How is this supposed to be used, and how are these motifs supposed to be in line with what the Dango are about?


“Hey bro you wanna hang out tonight?”
“Yeah I’m just finishing up with some office work dangoconveyer

I tried searching for these stickers but they totally aren’t appearing for me :frowning: i suspect they may be region locked to specific countries

I actually bought the stickers yesterday tho. I had LINE for quite a long time since one of my closest friends uses it a lot just as much as I do. But anyway, they look pretty neat! >w<

Worked fine for me in Australia

Your Australian too; therefore your part of the Australian Daikazoku.

I guess it’s just philippines that they hate :uee:
Thankfully a friend of mine was able to gift it to me (softly nudges @RyuuTamotsu)

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