Summer Pockets Soundtrack Released!

Disc 1 KSLA-0149 01 Alka Tale Game Size Version 02 Summer Pockets 03 Sea, You & Me 04 蝉声とともに (Semigoe to Tomo ni) 05 夏休みの過ごし方 (Natsuyasumi no Sugoshikata) 06 坂の上の陽炎 (Saka no Ue no Kagerou) 07 White Loneliness 08 Other side Blue 09 Adventure for Black 10 Golden Hours 11 宿題は8月32日に (Shukudai ha Hachigatsu Sanjuuninichi ni) 12 日射しの暇 (Hizashi no Itoma) 13 振り返らなくてもヤツはいる (Furikaeranakutemo Yatsu ha Iru) 14 ひと夏のたわむれ (Hitonatsu no Tawamure) 15 Summer Aventure [It’s French, not a typo] 16 夏の子守歌 (Natsu no Komoriuta) 17 Lasting Moment Game Size Version

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At first I thought this was only one disc (even though it clearly says Disc 1), but it’s good to know that it is at least a majority of the music from the VN!

So while it mentions where it can be physically bought, is there a digital copy of it available yet? Unlike many of the other Key soundtracks (keep forgetting to get a copy of Air), it doesn’t appear to be on GooglePlay yet.