Summer Pockets Shiroha Route Patch Released!

Alka Translations have just released the first patch for Summer Pockets. They’ve said they’ll make a patch for each completed route, and next up looks like they’ll be working on Tsumugi. If you have questions or experience technical issues, it’s probably the wisest to contact them via their site. If you don’t own the game, it’s available for digital purchase on DLSite and DMM. You can find various topics appropriate for writing down your impressions of the game via the general discussion. There’s not really any need for a guide to complete Shiroha’s route. You just need to select her on the map every time she shows up. There’s no Bad End, nor do any of the choices give negative effects (Lots of achievements to obtain though). I’ll try to investigate some tips and tricks for making achievement hunting and the mini games easier.

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So this Shimamon choice and associated dialogue showed up in Japanese for me every time, anyone else? Fortunately it’s just a simple Yes/No choice. Other than that, it should be perfectly possible to get the Shimamon ending on this patch: the ending itself was translated so.

I honestly find it weird they decided to translate the Shimamon stuff before Ao route. Wouldn’t recommend anyone play it like that.

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