Summer Pockets Dengeki July Stories and Song Details

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I like to imagine their thought process as

Shit, Kanon’s hating on our game. Bring out the twins!


still thinking of how much to bet that I’ll end up liking the Orito song best
also thinking of how much more to bet that it will end up being an unpopular opi–
Eh wait they have NanosizeMir, I doubt my opinion on their next song is going to be unpopular. (Well who knows)

Anyway, based on the crossfade linked there, I feel like rionos’s singing would suit Jun Maeda’s style just fine. I’ll just hope it’s not a rock song or anything, considering the thing with End of the World.

On the magazine page, hoo boi I really like that Mugyu CG. Oh, and (presumably) coma plot. Sasuga Key.

Maeda actually said during his last stream that among his recent songs the Summer Pockets one is the one he likes the most.
(here’s that part from Satsubatsu Kids stream, if anyone wants it)

it all looks good can’t wait to see how it all looks when it’s done :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this :3 That flag sounds adorable!!! I hope they make some merch with him on it. Really curious about her story.

Ha! The pringles cans, how innovative lol. But wouldn’t they catch fire?

LOL just read the part about twins lol oh man. I wonder if I smell an illness…hmmm


Mmm… I’m wondering if Tsumugi Wenders has sickness going to death, because her texts with Hairi talk about stay together as long how they can…
She reminds me Shiori Misaka now…
Omg, so sad. ;_;

I don’t think I’ve heard of Rionos before, has she done anything of note before?

There really isn’t much aside from Marchen Madhen. Fun note though, she’s had a few contributions in arcade music games (which not many on here probably care about)

whens the english translation done?

After 2nd beat comes out


So never?


Poketto Fukuramasete rionos vocal was very fitting to the samapoke and i though it was a good choice for key to hire new people for their games :smart: