Summer Pockets - Common Route Discussion

Discussion for the Common Route of Summer Pockets.Please tag references to any other routes or outside works with [spoiler] tags, providing adequate context for the spoiler in parenthesis. Feel free to also share any entry-level impressions of characters here.

What actually counts as the Common Route can be up for debate. For now, we’ll just define it as anything and everything up until and including August 7 ingame. After that you’ll either be on a character route or get a generic ending.

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I have read the Common route until the limits of the trial patch, and I really like it for the moment. Like every Key work, all the characters are interesting, the music is great and there is a good amount of jokes and reflection, so I’m really waiting for an English patch because Summer pockets really hypes me ! :ahaha:

Summer Pocket’s common route basically consists of little adventures and funny moments created by the interactions between the protagonist and the friends he makes on the island. However, this time we also get to interact with Umi-chan, a “little sister” type of character you don’t usually see in other Key visual novels.

Some people don’t like the interactive map system, but I personally find it very interesting. You can decide whether you want to start following an heroine route, or if you just want to visit the places of the island, or even kill time playing mini-games like table tennis or Shimamon.

Overall, it’s shorter than LB’s and Rewrite’s common routes, but just as funny. I really enjoyed it!

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While waiting for the next english patch to be released, I decided to pick up all the map events regarding the secret base and the sweets shop that I hadn’t read in my other playthroughs. I really liked to mess around with Tenzen and Ryouichi, it probably were the most funny moments of the entire common route.

And then, as I didn’t follow any of the heroine’s routes, I eventually reached the generic ending (or bad ending) of the visual novel. Hairi gets tired of the island and decides to go back home earlier. While departing, he keeps thinking that while the time spent fooling around was fun, he missed the opportunity to make a different move in his life. Damn, this is so deep…

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