Strongest Memories of Key

This discussion is for telling each other about some of our strongest memories about anything Key (good or bad), and why we remember these moments so well. Naturally, hide any spoilers about characters and their routes.

My first two examples involve planetarian and CLANNAD.

I remember the evening when the English version of planetarian got released on Steam - I had been really looking forward to reading the first official english Key VN so I was greatly anticipating it’s release. A few minutes after I started to download planetarian, I also got a demo code for Super Smash Bros for 3DS, which was kind of a big deal. This caused quite a lot of conflict within me because I knew I would only have time in the evening to dedicate myself to one of those titles, so which would I choose? I know in retrospect it would’t have really mattered, but it was this conflict that caused me to remember these events so well. In the end I decided to go with planetarian, I finished it the same evening, and I loved it - I was so glad I chose to look at it first.

Similarly, I remember how I felt when the CLANNAD VN was finally released on Steam. As soon as I got my code, I instantly input it. While CLANNAD was downloading, I checked Kaza to see if they had posted about it, and they did, they even had a review. Since my internet was quite slow, I decided to read the review, seeing if there was anything to note about the translation or something like that. In the review, Kaza that the VN had a slightly updated soundtrack. A part of me was quite annoyed, because I would have liked to save that as a surprise, but I only had myself to blame. After CLANNAD had finished downloading, I booted it up immediately, only to hear the new version of the title screen theme. I burst into tears - it was too much for me. Even knowing that some of the tracks had been updated, that title screen was symbolic of so much that I held dear, and hearing it with a realistic piano with a lot more expression meant so much to me, and that’s why it has become such a strong memory.


for me, it would have to be sitting in bed at 1 in the morning finishing little busters for the first time. it made me reflect on how grateful i am for all the bonds i’ve made with the people i’ve loved all my life. i completely bawled my eyes out during the entire ending sequence - it was all too much for me to handle. but i wasn’t crying because i was sad; instead, i was crying because little busters made me realize the love that is so plentiful in the world is, ultimately, transient, and instead of taking it for granted we should recognize our friends as the miracles they truly are. little busters will eternally be a part of my life.

a moment in little busters that has impacted me strongly (other than the entirety of refrain in general) would have to be any scene that showed rin’s growth as a character with the rest of the girls, whether it be her being able to say their first names, play with them, or even something as simple as going along with their silly jokes. every time i saw rin become less and less shy, i teared up. it really was a proud moment, seeing her “grow up” and become able to have fun with people other than the original little busters. rin is a character that, just like everyone else, wants friends. she wants to have fun with the people she loves, and from those people she wants love and acceptance. her anxiety and shyness, however, manifest into a violent and anti social personality - one that, if witnessed the wrong way, could even make her seem like an extremely mean person. so whenever the girls would try to get rin to be friends with them and rin reciprocated, i felt like a proud parent, watching their child make precious bonds. every time it happened during little busters, no matter how shallow or short the moment was, i was always touched by everyone’s understanding and kindness towards rin. whenever i see any of the little busters characters, the first thing i think of is their empathy towards her, and that makes me incredibly happy.



  • scene where Tomoya forgive his father is the most impact moment for me
  • dad first gift…

Angel Beats

  • ofcourse ep13 ending

Little Busters

  • the boys farewell oh my god…


hmmm, i didnt cried when played rewrite, but i got ptsd instead in lucia route.
the most impact moment in rewrite is shizuru family and esaka death.

Summer Pockets

its not as sad as the other series, but i will never forget any moment in torishima island


I don’t really have memories linked to periods of my life or particular moments, but more about the scenes themselves :
~Kanon :
the first time we meet Mai during the night, because the fact that she was wearing a sword really made me want to know her story ( to be honest I wasn’t very interested in Kanon first but after this my interest increased a lot and I understood the big error of judgement I have made ) and the ball scene which is my favourite scene from Kanon.

~Air :
Probably the scene where Misuzu shouts “Mama!” and her death scene which made me cry like a baby during an entire episode. :uee:

~Clannad :
The sunflower scene with the train scene too. That what just too tear-jerking and wonderful at the same time for me, because it made me understand that we reproduce what our parents have teached us and we have to forgive them for their errors if we want to be good parents for our children.

~Planetarian :

the projection scene because I remember that I was on holidays at my grandmother’s house and I could clearly see the stars outside with the window so the beauty of the scene was even more intense for me.

~Little busters :

Rin’s farewell to Komari. I don’t know why but this is the scene that touched me the most. Maybe because for me Rin and Komari’s friendship is my favourite and it made me realise how much we value our friends only when we are about to lose them.

~Angel Beats :

Otonashi’s death. It shows a message that I really want to believe in :

we can still find our meaning to live in death .

~Rewrite :

( in the anime ) when Kotarou goes to the Moon, fulfills his promise and kisses Kagari . I was so happy that I jumped out of my chair ( which is very rare with animes ).:happy:

~Harmonia :
I would say when all the truth is reaveled. I didn’t expect that at all so I was very very surprised. :shock:

~ Charlotte :

The omerice scene. It just showed that Nao was the best girl.

Sorry for the long post but I couldn’t choose one memory in particular so I chose one per serie.


The strong point of Key Studio is its ability to make impactful scenes. Obviously, I spent a lot of memorable moments in front of their VNs or their anime adaptations.

Shiori’s birthday in Kanon, the entirety of Clannad After Story, the title screen of Harmonia and, of course, its entire story, the first end of Little Busters Refrain, the end of Saya’s route, the fun times in Summer Pockets, … So many stories I’ll never forget.

But in the end, my strongest memory of Key has to be the first time I discovered it. It was Kanon (2006). I had seen comedic scenes of it on YouTube, so I thought it was the usual Slice of Life comedy show. That was exactly what I was looking for back then, so I decided to give it a go.
After 8 episodes full of fun… you know what happens xD. Tragedy suddenly hits hard, and man was I not prepared for it. I expected a fun anime, instead I found a bunch of meaningful stories, much more adult than what we usually find in the anime industry.

Back then, I didn’t look for more. But I kept hearing of the “creators of Kanon” everywhere. Years later (early 2019), I decide to try out Clannad. It was one of the best stories I’d ever watched.


Well my first Key anime it’s Clannad (especially my first watch it’s Clannad ~After Story~), the first episode when I watch it’s the Episode 18. Back then I’m crying when I watch the episode. After that I decided to watch all the series.

The second one it’s Kanon (2006), I like the story with some improvement design than 2002 anime. And the third Key anime I watch it’s Air, yeah I’m crying a lot in the episode 13.

In 2019, I started watching Angel Beats!, Little Busters! and Planetarian. I’m interest to watch the Rewrite.

So that’s it and thank you.
So that’s it


If you’re interested in Rewrite, avoid the anime at all costs!!! Seriously, it’s garbage, you won’t understand a thing and you won’t feel much for the characters.


if there was a rewrite anime you would be right however what are you talking about there was never a rewrite anime?




If I was interested in Rewrite (Which I am), I would go with the visual novel first, then the anime (if it was ever a thing)