Show Off Your Goods

Ooooh, I don’t remember this box! I absolutely love Na-Ga’s Charlotte art.


It came if you ordered all CDs together at Gamers along with a How Low Hello tapestry I have one my wall, it’s one of my favourite things and the art all the way round it is lovely. All of the CDs except How low Hello are still unopened too!


Right after I finished my CLANNAD full series rewatch (legally on Hidive of course) I got this in the mail!

It happened to be on sale and man that’s a pretty dang good deal. $53 for the entire series.
Anyways, more pictures!

I don’t even have a Blu Ray player. Well at least not at school currently.


I had got these for quite a while ago on RightStuf. Though Clannad is still one of my favorite Key series of all, Kanon and Air deserves a lot of love. I’ve been wanting to get these for a long time and I was very happy that I did so! :happy:


I forgot to post my collection of Potatos and Piros

Potatos Consist of (Left to Right)
Life size Potato who has a squeaker inside
Campaign Potato which you needed points from the trading cards,
Anime ver Animate Potato
Keychain plushie Potato
Coin purse potato head that comes with the Valentines day set (I have 2 extra of these if anyone wants to purchase)

Next is Piro collection
Plushie Piro
Cospa Bean filled Piro
Plushie Keychain Piro
Keropi plushie
Kanon music box, which plays Last Regrets
Softmap Ayu backpack that was a preorder and comes with the angel plushie


Key merch is horrifically rare to come by here, and along with my student budget, plus I only buy in cons, I can only buy so much, haha…
So here’s my starting collection:

(irl pic inbound)
I only got this for literally $10 from a classmate’s brother who happened to be a big fan of litbus and even plays the theme song on piano. (I’m still prepping to ask him to join Kaza OwO) (also yes it is second-hand)

Meanwhile I got these three posters for like $13.50 (the left is laminated plastic, the two on the right is made out of a wooden board back? was also told to put those two in frames)
I’m hiding the Yuri one for good reason too, by the way. cough ecchi cough
Also along with it I bought a pin of a nekomimi Kanade that I didn’t even know was a thing, welp XD


There is still a lot of cleaning in my room to do and a lot is hidden away so this will only be what could easily be found and opened.

Thank you very much @RyuuTamotsu for some of the music CDs! I forgot to add the Harmonia pen to the pictures from the last sale but I do have one.


It certainly is not much what I currently posses, which pales to the likes of what has been posted here already. However I just felt like sharing with you guys.

Rewrite side B volume 1~8 featuring the story of Sizuru according to the original VN

Figures I bought recently, which probably have been posted already in this post. However I do wish to inquire, as can be seen at the back of the boxes these were made in China. As a result I wonder wether they are real or fakes. Can anyone help me out with this?


I believe they are real crane figures, yeah.

But damn I’m glad we finally have someone here who’s read Side-B! So that’s the Shizuru route huh? I wonder what Side-R contains then? Kotori? Akane? @Lionpaw

Well since the titel doesn’t give the reader a lot of hints we can only speculate until someone decides to buy or read it ^^. However if I’m correct side R only contains 5 books so it should be similar to a shorter route in the original VN? From what I remember however, pretty much all of the other heroines routes were all somewhat similar of length so it’s hard for me to speculate.

I’m pretty sure the two on the left are Shikishi; y’know, those autograph boards.
I got them at a con like 2 years ago, they were part of the prize pool of a lottery1355386985-3419405849
that had various posters and other flat surface Key merch. They were bundled in pairs with 500NTD (roughly equal to $16.7) for each pull.

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I only have book 1 of side R I should check and see if I can tell where the story goes.

YES! Now I can finally look up what time it is in the middle of class without my professors yelling at me to stop looking at my phone.


… As soon as I figure out how to put batteries in this thing.

So, it’s not a very impressive collection with no special merch but it’s mine and it’s all I’ve got to show the Key Love. (Well I’ve got the 10th Year Anniversary Artbook too but in digital form only)


Here we are, I am basically an obsessive figure and merch collector so this thread is perfect for me! :yahaha:

So here’s all my stuff:

Little Busters shrine

Of course, 10th Anniversary Memorial Box :heart: and Makoto, Nayuki and Misuzu figures

Some prints from a Con a couple years ago and Postcards from the memorial box. (+Haruka scroll)

Mini Haruka shrine on my coffee table. Keeps me in a good mood all the time. :heart:

All my Key anime DVD’s/ Blu-Rays, Kanon Memorial Artbook and yet another Haruka figure because waifu. Also a big chunk of my anime collection and Amiibos because why not.

And that’s all my Key stuff for the most part! If I could have the ideal, I would own the LE physical copy of every Key game, several more artbooks and about 40 more Key figures. (haha if only) Unfortunately though, I don’t have an endless pool of money and a lot of the figures I want are gatchas or garage kits both of which are difficult or impossible to find. Such is the fate of a figure collector, can’t have everything I want unfortunately.
Hope you guys like my collection! :happy:


One of these days I’ll manage to get my hands on a complete Memorial Box, until then I’ll harbor satisfaction vicariously through amazing collections like these. Nice neon Joycons too! I decided I NEEDED to be an early adopter so I really had to fight for mine, lol.


Lucia has found the Key! Well, more like my keys. She also likes wearing dog ears and tail for some reason.

Also, this amazing Chibi Lucia was in the mail today, and this time, Nick Fury is not taking her away from me!


My latest acquisitions



I mean, amazing. Such treasure