Ridiculous Theories

Rewrite: On the routes where Kotarou was in a coma, Luis tries his best to save Midou and Tenjin (in the anime Jasmine dies earlier and Tenma was with them, in the visual novel it was only three children counting Jasmine…). But since Kotarou was not there to carry them, Midou created his Familiar with the flames of the bombardment to save himself. As Kotarou was not there to take care for them they ended up in Gaia because of the powerful Midou Familiar.

The other day @Pepe asked “Why butterflies for Summer Pockets?” While Echo’s theory does have merit, I think I have the answer. You see, I’ve never caught bugs irl, especially not butterflies. But do you know where I have caught butterflies? That’s right, Animal Crossing. And where do you put those caught bugs? In your pockets… your Summer Pockets.


I don’t know if this one has been already posted here. I recall a long time ago some comment saying that Angel Beats is conformed by ideas that Jun Maeda don’t used for Little Busters, and some from Little Busters also, so could be that originally (Little Busetrs, Angel Beats spoiler) the big twist in Little Busters were that everyone in that place were already dead including himself and he needs to grown up and put his mind in order to be able to reincarnate?


An LB theory.

Kyousuke and Rin are originally aliens. When their planet was dying they were sent to earth in a escape pod. They landed in Japan and a family found them and adopted them.

Kyousuke created the world when he had unconsciously activated his alien powers. At the end of refrain Rin also actives her power and creates a new world to save Kyousuke.

Credit goes to @MagusVerborum and @machelmore for the idea.


If this is the one thing I am remembered for on this forum I can die happy.


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Random theory: what if Kagari is actually a mandrake


Major MOON., One, and Kanon spoilers!

Prepare yourselves, my children, because I’m about to open your eyes and blow your

I was rereading Mai’s route of Kanon when I noticed it.

(I’m just gonna put it under a details box so I don’t take too much space.)

Beware spoilers.

Mai is, frankly undeniably, the reincarnation of Youko. First, listen to their character themes:
Youko’s theme.
Mai’s theme.
Yeah, they’re not that similar I guess, far more noticeable is the MOON. track “Daybreak” and the Kanon track that, if I recall correctly, plays exclusively in Mai’s route, “An Omen”.

Now just be patient, I know I haven’t made any kind of point yet, just that some tracks sounds kind of similar. But now take a look at these images of Mai and Youko:
Note that they’re both wearing a cross.

“So what machelmore, plenty of people wear crosses as some kind of accessory.”

But now take a look at THIS:
We get these almost identical CGs after the heroine has some kind of confrontation with the protagonist and comes to terms with themselves.

“Okay, that could very well have been on purpose, but even that’s kind of a stretch, where’s your evidence?”

Ahh, but you see, Mai and Youko are both ESPers! It’s the core premise of MOON. and a major plot point of Mai’s route!

“Holy… You might actually be onto something…”

But wait! I will give my ultimate proof all in due time. First, here’s why Nayuki is the reincarnation of Mio from One.

Mio’s theme and Nayuki’s theme. The themes don’t sound too similar, but they’re done in the same style, whatever it’s called (music is not my strong suit) and are the only tracks in that style in their given games.

Here are two CGs from near the end of their respective routes:

And their final CGs:

Now to tie it all together.
It’s pretty common knowledge that Nanase from One (keeping in mind this is the game Nayuki’s previous incarnation was from) can be seen in a Nayuki CG:
And as I pointed out a little while ago in the “Key’s Self-References” topic, two characters from MOON. (this of course being the game Mai’s previous incarnation is from) can be seen in a background unique to Mai’s route!:
Take that!

So we’ve exposed this conspiracy, but this rabbit hole actually goes even deeper. You see, there is a single event that brings our heroines together:
That’s right, it is the same scenario that connects Nayuki to Mai - fetching a notebook for the heroine in the school at night - that we see with Mio!
And the notebook we’re looking for in this case? Here it is:
Hang on. A green spiral-bound notebook? Haven’t we seen that somewhere before?
There it is!

In summary, Shiori is the evil mastermind behind the suffering our heroines experienced in all of MOON., One and Kanon!

Wake up sheeple.

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Meanwhile, in another dimension…


What if in Planetarian…

The Earth is flat


Kanon spoilers:

Jun Kitagawa is trapped in an infinity loop, watching Yuuchi go through every timeline in the original visual novel. He sees every heroine Yuuichi abandons die or suffer greatly, and resolves to end their pain through creating a golden timeline where all goes right, known as Kanon 2006. Here, he does things like point out Shiori standing in the courtyard before Yuuichi notices her and finds the angel, causing events to happen faster and allowing Yuuichi to help all the heroines instead of just one. He’s been through so much pain before, falling to the dry nihilism we can pick apart during the visual novel where he isolates himself to the point of not being a character, only to slowly reconstruct what it means to deal with the same loss that all characters experience. He realizes the only way out is to do the right thing, to be the guiding force into solving Kanon.


Kitagawa looks on from a distance as Yuuichi and Ayu embrace at last and says, “The moment I saw those two I knew with perfect clarity that at long last all had been forgiven.” and finally his life, frought with demons and hellfire, had found peace. Kitagawa, his eyes dilating in the winter light, looked upon the two, the happiness that had finally been found, and cried, cried the tears held back for so long.


Kanon: Akiko’s Special Blend Jam is her missing husband/Nayuki’s father…

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I’m afraid that theory is not as ridiculous as you may think - because someone has already caught onto it, as far back as over two and a half years ago!

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I did wonder if someone else had proposed it but didn’t see that post. I hesitate to say “great minds think alike”…

The whole ascending intelligence thing in Rewrite’s Moon Route is, in fact, just Kotarou illustrating the Galaxy Brain meme


(Kanon spoilers)

Jun Kitagawa, driven by his ambition to help Yuuichi, sacrifices his (off-screen) fulfilling relationship with Kaori in the visual novel to help Yuuichi solve all the girls’ problems in the 2006 anime.


Kanon spoilers There is a lot of debate on whether the Ayu that Yuuichi spends time with is the real Ayu, but what if she is the reincarnation of the tree that Ayu fell out of, returned to lead Yuuichi back to her


I don’t think it is a ridiculous theory because the tree could be a metaphor of Ayu’s good memories with Yuuichi which, I suppose, lead him in a dream where he meets Ayu again and can remember what he forgot in order to fulfill his promise and returns to her. But what’s good with Kanon is that we can imagine a lot of theories. :thinking:


Spoiler warning for Mob Psycho 100’s manga (not yet adapted in anime): I’m fairly convinced that the aliens that Tome and friends met came from the planet that the early Key heroines inhabited