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Hey all! I think it’s about time we got some quote threads happening here! I’m gonna do one for each series, so there’ll be plenty of space for people to share their favourite quotes from each of Key’s stories. Let’s have these threads become the definitive go-to place for Key quotes! Especially for a series like Rewrite which is a bit lacking in that department. General screenshots from the VN or anime are also welcome!

Anything from the series can be posted without spoiler tags. Since we will be posting direct quotations of dialogue stated in the series, please note that there can and will be spoilers in this topic.

Don’t post catch-phrases here in these threads. Funny quotes are fine, but something like “Uguu~” or “Kinniku Yay Yay” would be considered spam.

And as a guideline, let’s try to strike a balance of deep/inspiring quotes and funny quotes, without stupid quotes outweighing more intelligent ones. Sound reasonable? Let’s get started with one I’ve taken a liking to.

“At the very least, I hope that all of the choices I’ve made while wandering through the darkness might give everyone a ray of Light.” -Tennouji Kotarou

Tagged because I think it’s from Terra?

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As much as I’d love to read through this (granted that would be given there were any quotes posted here), I won’t because my own copy is being shipped and I’d like to go into Rewrite as blind as possible.

Fate breeds legends.
Sometimes the callous threads of fate happen to cross paths.
~ Yoshino Haruhiko - common route

We’ll find those guys even if they’re hiding in their own assholes.
~ Winter Fang - common route

This cafeteria has a huge variety of foods,
but I’m probably the only one here who’s ever learned what the ceiling tastes like.
~ Tennouji Kotarou after an Uppercut by Lucia - common route

Not intruding on women’s secrets is a virtue of men.
~ Yoshino - common route

They say a woman’s heart is like the autumn sky, in that both can change at the drop of a hat. But autumn skies are always clear at the end.
~ Tennouji Kotarou - Lucia route

Because it’s lonely when things end. Especially if you were having fun.
~ Nakatsu Shizuru - Shizuru route

Kotarou, making a big decision is more than just a choice. It also means throwing something away.
If you choose the right-hand path, you throw away all the possibilities on the left-hand one.
~ Senri Akane - Akane route

Any human relationship that needs lies to keep it going isn’t worth having.
The only real friends are ones you can be completely honest with.
~ (Fake) Nice Guy - Moon route

Friends are most valuable when they aren’t obligated to be your friends.
~ Esaka Shugen

Any weakling can be dignified. But only the strong can win.
~ Esaka Shugen - Terra route

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I really like this idea, and I was thinking about putting up a general anime/VN quote thread at some point (maybe fit it in at the end of this series or something then? idk). Anyways, on to some of my favorite quotes!

"Intelligence goes hand-in-hand with loneliness. It doesn’t allow you to ignore the indifference of physics. Humans are blessed. They have no idea how lucky they are to not know everything" - Tenouji Kotarou [Moon]

This one actually means a lot to me because I have actually been unable to get along quite a few people because my knowledge gets in the way.

"Don’t underestimate me, I was Buddha in a previous life you know" - Akane Senri [Common Route?]

silly Akane…

"No matter how strong someone is, if they can’t fight without dying, they aren’t much use as a soldier" - Nishikujou Touka [Shizuru Route? i think… idk]

a bit off topic, but this quote helped me get /a lot/ better at games, shooters in particular. Everything else comes naturally when your main focus is to not die

"The smarter I become, the stupider my past self looks" -Tenouji Kotarou [Moon]

*If you couldn’t already tell, I LOVED the first half of Moon. *

"If your opponent’s technique is beautiful and flawless, you’re not putting any pressure on them. the real fight comes after you break through that" - Tenouji Kotarou [Terra]

Have you ever started a game with a friend where it starts out just for fun, and over the course of a few minutes it escalates to the point where both of you are trying every dirty trick just to pull a bit ahead? now THAT is a real game. (last 2 episodes of NGNL anyone? Izuna did a phenomenal job with this)

Anyway, those are just the ones I have saved on my phone. I’d really like to go back sometime and get more, especially from Sakuya and Esaka; they both have some amazing quotes.


only one needed.


Hey @Rabla, you just reminded me I have a whole folder full of silly Rewrite screenshots to pull from. Here’s an Akane quote from common.

As some added incentive to post quotes, if you’re able to come up with a really good one that sums up Rewrite well, then I might just use it in the Rewrite information page on the main site, and have you acknowledged in the credits. Keep em coming!

[quote]If I married Akane… I would be a wizard.
~ Tennouji Kotarou - common route [/quote]

[quote]Sometimes it’s nerve-wracking to buy porn books when there’s a girl at the cash register, but actually she doesn’t mind at all. However, if there are two girls there, they might start talking about you after you leave. Be careful.
~ Nakatsu Shizuru (in Kotarou’s mind) - common route [/quote]

[quote]After all, someday even people will return to the system that evolved them.
~ Senri Akane - common route [/quote]

[quote]The world is but an illusion projected into our minds via the eyes and the brain…
~ Senri Akane - common route [/quote]

~ Yoshino Haruhiko - common route[/quote]

And a little extra from Akane’s route…


This is one of the field events.

I don’t get it but for some reason I find it hilarious.

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I guess the one thas most stuck with me was from Akane’s route:

[quote]Kotarou: “Live and suffer!”
He shouts this to Gaian believers before fighting the Earth Dragon. I dunno, this sounded really profound directed at them. The very fact that the “environmentalists” of Gaia were actually people that gave up on life seems so very human. Tanaka Romeo deserves much credit for that.


I’m calling out for people to add their favourite Harvest Festa quotes to this thread! I need one for the information page.

I sorta wonder how many people here have read Harvest Festa, heh.

I know there’s a few here who read it with automatic translations.

And that’s why Chihaya’s route is the best.


Also, I’m aware that HF is untranslated, so try to provide the best and most coherent translation you can :stuck_out_tongue:


“I became what I am because I was supposed to. No one can decide which iron turns into a firm sword, a rusty broken one, or a small nail thrown away in the corner. If a sword chooses to never go in its proper scabbard, it will only gather rust outside… So what do you want to be?” - Esaka. Shizuru route.

Bonecuss wanted to post this, but he hasn’t finished the VN yet so he can’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah! It’s a famous mall in japan

“…living is unpleasant, but…”
-Tennouji Kotarou (Terra Route)

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