Rewrite - Haruhiko Yoshino Character Discussion

He’s really bashful when it comes Kotori, but really looks out for her in his own way. Husbando material lol

Yoshino is the bro-est side-bro in all of KEY
(besides Masato)

I remember I brought this up in the chat before and everybody was against me when I said it, but I guess I will try saying it again :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t consider Yoshino a “bro” the same way that Kyousuke, Masato, or, heck, even Sakuya is considered a “bro.” I consider Yoshino more of a lone wolf really.

Y’see, when I consider someone a “bro” then I see him as somebody that looks after another person in their own way. Like Masato playing dumb for Riki’s sake, or Kyousuke forcing Rin and Riki to become stronger for their own sake. Or Sakuya in pretty much every way he takes care of Chihaya. But not once did I see Yoshino showing any sort of concern for Kotarou. Sure he helped quite a lot in Kotori and Chihaya’s routes, but wouldn’t any decent human being do the same? I guess I take the “bro” term a bit more literally and consider it to be something akin to a brother.

…okay I guess he is a bro to the rest of the street thug members. That, I can accept.

I definitely believe Yoshino goes beyond any other person in helping Kotarou out. I mean, his anger toward him throughout most of the story is an expression of how much he cares about him and wants him to be better. All this culminates in the climax of Kotori where Yoshino snaps and tells Kotarou everything he feels.

Chihaya, he tries to help Kotarou when he’s in danger. And don’t forget how they treat each other in Akane! He admitted that he always thought there was something special about him, and was really glad to see him finally fighting for justice at the end. And of course, at the end they’re both supporting each other. He pretty much becomes his closest friend.

And there’s Moon, which speaks for itself. Yoshino is a bro. He may not be the warm supportive type seen in other Key games, but he’s always keeping an eye on Kotarou from the distance, and often interfering to try and make sure he doesn’t end up on the wrong path.

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cough Chihaya route cough

Moon route never really happened with the real Yoshino, did it? Which is why I don’t consider it part of his persona. And even if we did, just because he helped Kotarou fight some baddies doesn’t make him a bro

Like I said, in Chihaya’s route, wouldn’t any decent human being do what Yoshino did?

I totally agree on this one that Yoshino is more of a really close friend to Kotarou. As aspi said earlier he is keeping his distance but that doesnt mean he hates him, imo he respects him and is one of the people that would help out when it gets serious.
But I have chaned my perspective on Yoshino after playing Akane. Suddenly I felt like he is one of the people Kotarou really can turst and just can hang out with in everyday life. It made me feel happy that they put up together :).
Uhh i hope this makes any sense to you guys lol

tl;dr I think Yoshino is a bro when it comes to serious things.

Everyone’s talking about the Yoshino in Akane’s route. But there was no Yoshino at the end of Akane’s route
That was a fake, an impostor, a pathetic creature wearing Yoshino’s skin. That thing threw all of Yoshino’s ideals out of the window and chose a life of mediocrity where it would just “shut up and work”, effectively becoming a moving corpse.
I still can’t forgive the author for doing that to Yoshino…

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I think he still had glimmers of the young Yoshino, but he held them back in respect of Kotarou’s wishes.

For me, there’s a big difference in being a friend and being a bro.

One of the biggest examples I can think of of that difference is:
A bro will stick by you through thick and thin, and will defend you at all costs simply because he is your bro
A true friend will have the maturity to call you out on your mistakes and, heck, even snitch on you when he genuinely feels that you are wrong. But despite that, he harbors no hate for you and remains your friend.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Yoshino is Kotarou’s friend, and a great one he truly is. But a bro is not what I would classify him as.

As @DaBackpack said, Masato is an even bigger bro than Yoshino, and that I can agree with. Masato holds no opinion, and does not complain. Not even after Kyousuke fails and causes Rin to revert. But he still supports both Kyousuke and Riki until the end. Comparing that to Kengo who was vocal in his opinions but still remains a friend at the end. In the same manner, I do not consider Kengo a bro, but an important friend of all the Little Busters


Using that definition I wouldn’t call any of the Litbus guys aside from Kengo a “bro.”

… using my definition, Kengo is the only one who falls out of that definition. Masato supports both Riki and Kyousuke while not judging and Kyousuke does everything simply for the sake of Riki and Rin

Hmm… but Kengo is the one who sticks with Riki and defends him. Masato and Kyousuke both fight against Riki because of their friendship. Are you sure you didn’t get your definitions mixed up? What you say Kyousuke does, is what you said friendship is… not broship.

That’s really only the baseball incident. I’m talking about the big picture, Little Busters as a whole. Kyousuke wanted to help Riki to become stronger, while Masato remained neutral but supportive to both Riki and Kyousuke. Kengo was the only one who was not concerned about what the outcome of Riki would be after the incident. At least, not at first. He then proceeds to go against Kyousuke because his ideals do not match those of Kyousuke whereas during that baseball incident, Riki is in the dark as to what exactly Kengo is fighting for.

In other words, during the baseball match, Kengo isn’t fighting to support Riki at all. He is fighting in retaliation to Kyousuke. And Masato and Kyousuke are fighting to support Riki despite Riki not knowing what the hell is happening.

The key difference here is intent. A bro does things for your sake. A friend doesn’t need to do this because he trusts that you can take care of yourself.

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You’re just making up definitions for words as you see fit. Let’s not get caught up in word games :stuck_out_tongue:
You do raise some interesting ideas on what a friend is, though.

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I will admit, it is all just my personal opinion based on my experiences; no need to take it as a fact lol

That and I made the post while I was a bit buzzed from some beer do don’t take it too seriously~

That being said, I couldn’t find a definition for “bro” anywhere

This is a very strong topic with Tanaka’s work, I find. The reader has to think about this.

Everyone forgot about Yoshino’s Mama Boy side (it’s not really a spoiler, but oh well, whatever)~
Although that moment when he showed it was too sho~rt but it was just so cute that it was the side of Yoshino that I loved the most because it just ruins his image of a badass lone wolf who’s always glaring (and saying some nonesense).


Now that youre mentioning it I hope to get some really silly scenes of that in the anime. Or it could be one of the things Kotarou could mock him for it.


I would say he is that one friend who shuts you down but actually cares about you. The way he dealt with Koutarou… could have been a little nicer though. I think one of the only routes where Yoshino actually acknowledges Koutarou as a man is in Akane’s route where Koutarou saves the residents during the salvation

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