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People said that Morita stated that they have recorded the first half of the first half, hinted that there’ll at least be 2cours.

Its not a confirmation, but is very likely

Wasn’t that my quote in MAL ?? XD

I said “sounded like” since Morita said this “7話はまだ前半中の前半”
Rough translation: “Up to episode seven is half of half of the story”

Also my good friend iNVivO who understands japanese and watched the stream confirmed that Morita said that.

yes :3

Well that’s not very reassuring :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe because he was doing something illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering the context, doesn’t that mean that they have only recorded the voices of the first half of the first half of Episode 7? Ergo, at the moment, they’ve only been able to record voices for up to the first 6 minutes of the episode. At least, that’s how I understand it


Sorry this is just me trying to make sense in Japanese even if I’m not as good as you Pepe :komue:.

I think you would understand it like that only if you take the sentence too literally, a native japanese speaker Said in twitter that this means that we will get 2 cours.

Also logically why would they mention how many minutes of an episode they did in a livestream xD?

Well I’m definitely not as good as a native speaker; frankly I couldn’t understand half of the stream :komue: So, sure, while it being 2-cour is a valid interpretation, he does say “ほぼ確定” which means “kinda confirmed” :stuck_out_tongue:
always take these things with a grain of salt because I am quite pessimistic; if you ask me how many episodes I believe Rewrite would be, I would have no answers for you (and I wanna keep it that way)

Well practically everything that Morita was talking about was regarding his voice acting role, like how he has silent parts or w/e. That being said, based on all the fun stories they talk about for voice acting, it would make sense that they’d mention the progress of their recording.

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The cover art of Dengeki G’s august issue has been released!
This issue will contain an interview with the director Tensho!!


It is now the turn of Kotarou and Kotori on the official website. It is special compared to previous… It fell like having a pair of comedy actors.

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Man, they really know how to buy-bait this thing. Cutest girl (Shizuru), fan-favorite route (Lucia), interview with Tensho, and something about Planetarian.

And there’s also that idol stuff

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So supposedly according to the scriptwriter KAI, the anime will truly adapt JUST “6th route”, but it will also develop the cast, so each girl will get her time to shine.

Please for the love of god, source your news properly.

I’m not warning you guys again.

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I think its around 23:00 (my internet has gotten slower now so I can’t really confirm it, sorry :komue:)

I’m still a beginner in japanese so I might be wrong but I remember Kai saying that they will adapt the 6th route only and give each heroine her time to shine properly.

@HeliosAlpha you are the person that I trust the most here when it comes to decrypting moonrunes so if what I said is mistranslated please tell me.

I just watched the stream VOD. I didn’t catch the line in question, but I did hear them say they’ve finished recording episode 7. THAT SAID, let’s think a bit about how anime production works. The episode scripts are not always finished early, so the voice actors sometimes don’t know how the anime will go. From Morita’s perspective, as someone who knows the source, it’s possible he said something “unofficial” in the sense that he knows episode 7’s content reaches “half of half the full story of Rewrite,” but this could be unrelated to the actual anime scripts. Again, I didn’t catch when he said that so I don’t know the real context, but I’d take it with a grain of salt. Regarding the Japanese person who interpreted it one way, also remember that Japanese is inherently ambiguous and even native speakers can misunderstand things without follow up clarity.

Kai also definitely said something like “it’s difficult to adapt all the heroine routes into an anime, so when Tanaka Romeo and I were figuring out how to do it, Tanaka decided, ‘ah we’ll do a 6th route.’” Contextually, it doesn’t make sense to include a 6th route as the solution to the difficulty of adapting 5 routes into an anime. My source is only the stream and my own Japanese knowledge; I don’t claim this is confirmation of anything.

There are also Japanese people suggesting split cour is still possible, which just goes back to my previous post that the episode count announcement doesn’t really say anything absolute. I still think it’s likely they’ll hold out until after the season’s over to officially announce a 2nd season. Regardless, everything is still speculation at this point but Kai said Rewrite will definitely be the best anime of summer season, so at least there’s that.


Ok folks, in order to make it a productive discussion, here’s my approach: Instead of thinking about why 13 episodes are not enough for a first season, let’s turn it around and think about:

What do you think these 13 episodes should include in order to be a success?

Since we don’t know how many episodes the Rewrite anime will have in total, we will have to assume several cases, all of which are, mind you, speculations. So then,

What do you think these 13 episodes should include in order to be a success,

  1. assuming there will be only 13 episodes?
  2. assuming that there will be a short second season, which will also be the final one (as in, 12-13 episodes of _Moon+Terra only_)?
    3.assuming that the anime will have more episodes than in assumption 2 actually, scratch that. This last one has been discussed at length pretty much ever since Rewrite came out.

Please try to be constructive and avoid comments like “lol no, that’s a fail”

I’ve explained before what I think the anime should be doing given the information we have on hand, which was also under the assumption that it would be 2 cour. As much as some people want it, putting all 5 routes into the anime would not have worked well for anime storyboarding; it would have only worked well as fan service for VN readers. The routes are also not inherently important to the overall story of Rewrite, and there are lots of ways to get around that issue which I have also explained before. That’s why I’ve supported the decision to do a 6th route and even suggested something like creating a new story at one point in the past. 2 cour is enough time. It won’t be the best, but it’s definitely possible to produce something good.

In terms of if the anime was only 13 episodes…I don’t think there’s much it can do to save itself. I don’t mean this to be negative but just look at all the hate Grisaia and 8bit got for that trainwreck and I legitimately think the anime did an incredibly good job, given the episode count constraint. The result was an unfortunate inevitability because there just wasn’t much more they could do with the time they had.

If Rewrite wants to do the best it can with 13 episodes, it’s going to have to cut a lot of content. 4 episodes of common route, 3-4 episodes of Kagari route, 1 episode of Moon, and then finish up with Terra. However, I think it’ll be better to combine Terra and Kagari route if (Terra spoilers) they cut out almost all of Kotarou’s history and turn it into short flashbacks and references then simply have Kagari route eventually overlap with events in Terra by shifting Terra’s timeline to prevent any need for time resets. This will hurt Rewrite’s story a lot but it’ll also make the adaptation appear a lot smoother and they’ll have more time for stuff like showing off the heroines doing cool stuff. I’m sure people don’t like my idea, but I’m sure people won’t like any idea that involves stuffing it all into 13 episodes.

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Amen. People aren’t realizing that if all the heroine routes are added, they’ll really hurt the story of Rewrite because of all the inconsistencies they’ll cause, and when you realize what those routes were in Moon.

Going for an original route with the true/end heroine, is better for both the story, and for both Moon & Terra. Will be better received, and will do better with BD sales (as I’ve said before, the heroine routes [aside from Akane and Lucia] wouldn’t probably sell as well).

I’d rather have an adaption that will be received better from the anime community, than a cluster of (great separate) routes that will create many inconsistencies and waste episodes that can be used for the true routes.

I agree. Though, perhaps the heroine routes could be released in standalone OVAs later on if it sells well or something.

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That’d be the best option for the heroine routes to be honest. So anime-only’s can see the different (moon) Timelines that Kotarou went through

It would also help calm down VN fans who wanted to see the heroine routes animated.

I’ve rewatched the NicoNico stream event and I’ve noticed few things, I will be putting time tags near everything I mention so you can check by yourselves.

First of all Morita confirms that they finished the recording of episode 7. 21:18

also when he said that the anime will be focusing on action he said “Up to episode 7 is half of half of the story, but you will be crying by that moment” 37:39 - 38:11

You can watch the stream here and confirm by yourself

So @Pepe I think that this removes the “they only recorded a quarter of episode 7” theroy.
what are your thoughts :smiley: ?

I’m not going to trust seiyuu saying I’m going to cry at the halfway point in a Key anime after Charlotte.