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Character discussion topic for Inoue of Rewrite. Discussing Common and Kotori are fine, but please tag any references to other routes or outside works with [spoiler] tags, with adequate context provided in parenthesis.


I find it odd, I never liked her as a character whether through common route or Kotori’s or whatever. Yet I would have accepted her as a heroine and she was a sprite addition in HF that I loved the concept of more than A-chan gaining a sprite in KW.

So don’t like her person completely, but love anything that could create a story around her, is the thing I understand.

Inoue is a born reporter, with both the fitting mindset and the skills for the job.
Her natural curiosity and blatant brazenness (even when it comes to personal secrets) is somewhat charming… even though she can take it to the level of being creepy ^^

I guess the most impressive thing about her is that she had valued the information she had gathered when she had gone missing in the forest just as much as her own life. Even after losing her memory, the thought that she had to pass this information on somehow had remained in the back of her mind and she could only rest easy after entrusting Kotarou with the data.

I wouldn’t say she’s heroine material though. There’s just not enough info on her^^

Dude she is TOTALLY Heroine material. Based on character alone, Inoue is probably my second favourite. Reading her section of Kotori’s route had me totally invested, sitting on the edge of my seat in the middle of the night finding out everything that happened to her. It really struck me as the point where things were getting incredibly serious, and this struggle to survive in such a mysterious world really hit home to me. Inouee, why didn’t you get your own route? I would’ve loved to read it, even if I’m not sure what it could’ve been about.

Well that’s easy, she has something none of the other heroines have.
She’s a normal ass person.

So obviously the route would centre around Kotarou protecting her from both organizations that want her dead and their increasingly desperate attempts to do so Hopefully in the style of Chihaya route, with fights out the butt.
Let the two take comfort in each other due to their constant on the runness and romance blooms.
It’s even easy as hell to set up, just have Kotarou go looking for her earlier and alone due to being more attached to her thanks to extra common scenes.


One thing I find frustrating about Inoue is that in some of the routes, they never really reveal what happens to her.

Oh well, more characterization (and a sprite finally) in Harvest Festa, so we got that going for her

[quote=“Kanon, post:5, topic:300”]
So obviously the route would centre around Kotarou protecting her from both organizations that want her dead and their increasingly desperate attempts to do so [/quote]

That’s Kotori’s route in a nutshell, btw xD


Nah, Kotori’s is more about sitting on their ass doing nothing until the end.

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Well the same can be said about Kotori, for one. She has references in Chihaya’s and Lucia’s routes, but there are many gaps in stories through other routes.

Here’s Inoue’s first scenario from Ignis Memoria

-Neighbourhood Gossip-

Inoue: Hey, you’re on the baseball team. I’ve heard that the club ace hurt his shoulder, but can’t you tell me what’s really going on?

Inoue: Oh, the swim team’s manager, I heard you have new swimsuits. Can I see the design?

Inoue: Hello~, Miss math teacher, is it true you are living together with a young man who graduated last year?

Kotarou: Looks like Inoue is as avid a reporter as ever.

Inoue: Ah, good job on the last stakeout. Here’s the meal ticket I promised.

Inoue: Yes, the lead you gave me the other day came to good use. If you have some really juicy material, I’ll buy you an expensive meal ticket.

Inoue: Say, what do you think about this picture? It’s scheduled to be in an article next week, but I bet you have something that could work as a replacement.

Kotarou: ……

Kotarou: (…This is the dark side of the newspaper club…)

-A Sudden Confession-

Inoue: Tennouji-kun, would you come with me for a while?

Kotarou: A date!? Tha, That’s very bold of you…

Inoue: Ah yes, that’s an extremely dry joke, but I’ll go along so that you don’t think I’m serious.

Inoue: Would you come with me on an investigation?

Kotarou: …Just an investigation, huh…

Inoue: …Did you really think I was asking you out?

Kotarou: Oh you~ there’s no way I’d think that~ hahaha…

Inoue: …Well whatever, are you coming with me or not?

Kotarou: Yeah sure.

Inoue: Wait, really!?

Kotarou: What kind of reaction is that?

Inoue: Um, well… I asked on the basis that you’d refuse. I didn’t think you would be okay with it.

Kotarou: Why would you think that?

Inoue: You know, Tennouji-kun, you’re always surrounding yourself with girls so…

Kotarou: That’s a nasty way of phrasing it. The people I talk to the most just happen to be girls, like Kotori or Shizuru.

Kotarou: Besides, why does me talking to girls all the time mean I wouldn’t help with your investigation?

Inoue: It’s…because uh, it doesn’t matter since you said okay anyway.

Inoue: Let’s go right away then!

Kotarou: Yeah.

Inoue: Oh, my investigation techniques go beyond the confines of common sense, so if our opponent gets irritated, I’ll be counting on you!

Kotarou: …Let’s just be confined by common sense.

Gangster: You bitch! Don’t come and ask stupid questions! I’ll fuck you up!

Inoue: Your turn now, Tennouji-kun!

Kotarou: That’s why I said to do a normal investigation…


Inoue: Mm nice, let’s go to the next place!

-The Scent of a Scoop-

Inoue: Oh, this street looks good! The scent of a scoop is oozing from it!

Kotarou: Really? It has a pretty bad vibe. I think it’d be better to stay away.

Inoue: You don’t get it! You don’t get it at all, Tennouji-kun! It’s because people stay away that there’s a scoop here!

Kotarou: Mmm…but still…

Inoue: Come on, what are you afraid of?

Kotarou: I’m worried you’ll get hurt.

Inoue: Eh…wha, what do you mean?

Kotarou: What I said. You’re technically a girl, and I can’t let you do something so dangerous, can I?

Inoue: …The “technically” part was unneeded.

Inoue: I see, you’re worried…about me. Hmm… Ahh… Huh…

Kotarou: What is it?

Inoue: Nothing. Thank you, Tennouji-kun. Technically, I appreciate it.

Inoue: Now, let’s go!

Kotarou: Sure.

Gangster: I’ll kill you, you slut!! Don’t fuck with me!!

Inoue: Okay, your turn!

Kotarou: Why can’t you listen to me…


Inoue: Good job. I knew it was a good idea to bring you, Tennouji-kun.

Inoue: Lighten up, we have more places to check out. Come on, next.

-An Obviously Suspicious Person-

Robed Man: So you’re the ones who’s been nosing around here recently.

Inoue: Wow…an obviously suspicious person has appeared, Tennouji-kun.

Kotarou: Uh, yeah… Try to not provoke him.

Robed Man: Get lost while you’re still all in one piece.

Inoue: What should we do, Tennouji-kun?

Kotarou: I’ll leave it to you.

Inoue: Really, I get to do what I want?

Kotarou: Even if I tried to stop you, you wouldn’t listen. So do what you want, and I’ll back you up.

Inoue: Thank you, Tennouji-kun. You actually get me pretty well.

Kotarou: I’ve been through this a couple of times after all…

Inoue: That’s how it is, so let me interview you! Who and what are you?

Kotarou: That’s way too direct a question…

Robed man: Curiosity killed the cat… You’ll mourn your own foolishness.

Inoue: Huh…?

Kotarou: Get back, Inoue!


Inoue: Tennouji-kun, stop it there!

Kotarou: Inoue…

Inoue: Can’t you let him off the hook for now? I still want to interview him after all.

Kotarou: It’s a bit late for that. This guy’s already unconscious.

Inoue: Oh…that’s no good. You have to hold back more, Tennouji-kun.

Kotarou: …Hearing that from you is kind of irritating.

Inoue: Well, there’s nothing we can do if he’s out cold. Let’s go to the next place!

-A Strange Dog-

Inoue: Ah!

Kotarou: What wrong?

Inoue: A dog!

Chibimoth: …Mosu.

Kotarou: …What? A dog?

Inoue: He’s so cute! Hey, can I take a picture of you?

Chibimoth: Mosu.

Inoue: Thanks!

katcha katcha

Inoue: That’s good, so cute!

Kotarou: …That’s cute?

Inoue: How can you not see how cute this little guy is?

Chibimoth: Mosu~?

Kotarou: It’s like he’s looking down on me…

Chibimoth: Mosu.

Inoue: Oh, he went away. Thank you, bye bye~!

Kotarou: …So even you can have those kind of moments.

Inoue: Huh…what kind of moments?

Kotarou: Like, fawning over a cute dog. I thought you might not have any interests other than finding scoops.

Inoue: Well…I’m technically a girl. I won’t say like a normal girl, but to a degree, you know.

Inoue: Was it that surprising?

Kotarou: I guess, but that kind of Inoue isn’t too bad either.

Inoue: Oh, were you trying to hit on me just now? So you’re finally showing your true colors.

Kotarou: Listen you…

Inoue: I’m just joking. Oh, look, there’s another dog over there!

Inoue: Come here, boy.

Kotarou: Wait, Inoue, that dog is…strange.

Inoue: Strange?

Kotarou: I’m not sure what it is… It just feels dangerous…

Inoue: What do you mean?

Black Dog: Grrrr

Kotarou: Run, Inoue! Quickly!

Black Dog: RAWR!


Kotarou: …Inoue, are you okay?

Inoue: Uh, yeah, I’m fine. What about you?

Kotarou: Same here.

Inoue: Tennouji-kun, why would this dog just attack us like that?

Kotarou: I don’t know. Maybe it was just in a bad mood.

Inoue: What kind of reason is that?

Kotarou: More importantly, we should get out of here. I don’t want the owner to charge us for injuring their dog.

Inoue: I guess you’re right.

-And the Results Are?-

Inoue: …We weren’t able to gather any useful material today. What a shame.

Kotarou: Sure, but not everything can be a grand scoop.

Inoue: I guess… But maybe I can write something on how we were attacked by a dog.

Kotarou: It’s amazing how you can write about yourself almost getting hurt.

Inoue: It was a bit scary…but I knew you’d protect me so…

Kotarou: Huh…

Inoue: Your performance today was pretty decent. I’ll look forward to next time.

Kotarou: Next time? You mean you want me to help with your investigations again?

Inoue: Exactly, I’ll contact you. Bye bye!

Kotarou: She’s so self centered…


Inoue still best girl.

Inoue, please, we have a Code of Ethics to uphold XD

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##The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword

Inoue: Hey, Tennouji-kun, won’t you come along with me again?

Kotarou: Huh… You want me back after we broke up?

Inoue: Are we going to have to do this every time?

Kotarou: It’s my refined routine, you could say.

Inoue: So, do you want to or not?

Kotarou: Well, I’m free. Sure, let’s go out.

Inoue: Okay, let’s go then.

Kotarou: Roger.

Kotori: …Kotori-san just heard something incredible…

Gangster: Oi! Ya wanna go, ya cunt! I’ll bash yo ‘ed in! Oi!

Inoue: It’s your turn, Tennouji-kun. I’m counting on you as always.

Kotarou: Why does your investigations always involve pissing people off…


Inoue: Good job. You really saved me.

Kotarou: Hey, Inoue…are all your investigations this dangerous?

Inoue: Hmm…well, sometimes. If you want to catch a scoop, you have to get in there.

Kotarou: I understand that, but you should be reasonable about it.

Inoue: Yes, yes, I get it. Let’s go investigate the next place.

##An Pet Owner’s Responsibility

Robed Man: …So you’re here again.

Inoue: Uwa, he’s here!

Kotarou: You again.

Black Dog: Grrrrr

Kotarou: Wait… Is that your dog?

Robed Man: …So what?

Kotarou: Oh…nothing…

Inoue: A while back we were attacked by that dog. We were really close to getting hurt.

Kotarou: Don’t…

Inoue: If you’re the owner, you have to train it properly.

Kotarou: I, Inoue…if you say that he might charge us for the injuries.

Inoue: …Ah.

Robed Man: Ohh… So you’re the ones who beat this one up.

Inoue: So, So what? That thing started it, so we’re definitely not paying for anything.

Inoue: If you still insist, I’ll make an article about this! As a pet owner you have to take responsibility!

Kotarou: Inoue-san, you’re provoking him…

Robed man: I don’t need any money. I’ll have you pay with something else.

Inoue: And that is?

Robed Man: You’ll pay…with your lives.

Black Dog: RAWR!


Robed Man: Kuh…

Kotarou: Awesome. Let’s run, Inoue!

Inoue: Huh? We’re running?

Kotarou: It’s best to run from this kind of guys!

Inoue: Wait! I’ll take an embarrassing picture of this guy for later!

Kotarou: Stop that! He’ll just be even angrier!

Inoue: It’s best to have some leverage… I’ll just take one.


Kotarou: Let’s just go now!

Inoue: Roger~.


Kotarou: (Lately, I’ve been helping Inoue so much that I haven’t been to the occult club at all…)

Kotarou: (I’m supposed to help her today as well, but I guess I’ll poke my head in at least…)

Kotarou: ‘Sup.

Chihaya: What! Kotarou is going out with someone from the newspaper club?

Kotarou: ….

Shizuru: Oh… Kotarou.

Akane: The timing of your entrance seemed planned.

Lucia: A “speak of the devil” kind of thing, you mean.

Kotarou: What are you guys talking about?

Chihaya: You mean how you’re dating someone from the newspaper club?

Akane: Inoue, was it? We have a witness who saw her confess her love to you.

Kotarou: Inoue confessed to me? Who said that?

Shizuru: Kotori did.

Kotarou: …Kotori-san said so, did she…

Kotori: Sorry… It was such a good story, so I had to tell everyone. Kotori-san is a bit of a blabbermouth.

Kotarou: It’s good that you’re aware of it, but you shouldn’t spread false rumors.

Kotori: False rumors?

Kotarou: Well, with mine and Inoue’s conversations, I can imagine why you would misunderstand.

Kotori: Kotori-san, misunderstanding?

Kotarou: Yes, completely. I’m just going out on investigations with Inoue. We’re not going out as man and woman.

Kotori: …Is that so?

Kotarou: That is so. They’re different kinds of going out.

Lucia: So you’re not dating Inoue, Tennouji?

Kotarou: Right. I’m just…

Inoue: Excuse~ me, I’m looking for Tennouji-kun.

Kotarou: I, Inoue!?

Inoue: Ah, I knew you’d be here. I’d like to go investigate soon.

Kotarou: Uh…yeah, I’m…coming…

Inoue: Perfect, I’ll wait outside then.

Kotarou: Oh, sure…

Shizuru: Kotarou…

Chihaya: She has you wrapped around her finger, it seems?

Kotarou: That not it!

Inoue: …So that’s what they said. Was it bad that I just left like that?

Kotarou: Oh, no, you don’t need to worry about it.

Inoue: But couldn’t it create more misunderstandings?

Kotarou: Well, it’s a possibility.

Inoue: Ahaha, I guess that was bad of me. Sorry for causing you trouble.

Kotarou: I don’t think it’s that much trouble.

Inoue: Oh, really? Then, do you want to start dating for real?

Kotarou: What!?

Inoue: As if, I’m just kidding.

Robed Man: …I’ve been looking for you two.

Black Dog: Grrrr

Inoue: Geh!

Kotarou: Oh it’s you…

Inoue: I told you we’re not paying for anything!

Robed Man: And I told you I don’t need any money.

Kotarou: So why would you look for us?

Robed Man: …Give it to me…

Kotarou: Give you what?

Robed Man: That…embarrassing picture of me!!

Kotarou: That’s it!?

Black Dog: RAWR!


Inoue: What do you think, Tennouji-kun? Should I take another picture of him?

Kotarou: No, stop that. Also delete the last picture you took.

Inoue: Ehh… Well, if you say so… There, I deleted it.

Kotarou: We deleted your picture. Now you don’t have to chase us anymore, okay?

Robed Man: Ugh…fine…

Kotarou: Cool, let’s go, Inoue.

Inoue: I still wonder what that guy was, walking around with that weird outfit and the huge dog.

Kotarou: Who knows…

##Direct Investigation

Inoue: Go out with me!

Kotarou: …To investigate, yeah sure.

Inoue: Are you not doing your joke this time?

Kotarou: Since I’ve seen the misunderstandings that joke causes, I figured I shouldn’t do it anymore.

Inoue: Oh…really…

Kotarou: Hm, what’s wrong?

Inoue: Just that it’s a bit of a pity… Oh, no, it’s nothing really!

Inoue: More importantly, let’s go investigate!

Inoue: I’ve heard that there’s group of people causing a ruckus around here at night. We’ll investigate directly who those people are!

Kotarou: …I always say this, but please investigate more normal stuff.

Inoue: Normal how?

Kotarou: Like not going to dangerous places or getting close to bad people.

Inoue: You idiot, then it wouldn’t be an investigation.

Inoue: I said this before, didn’t I? Scoops are hidden in places where people don’t go.

Kotarou: More so than scoops, I’m worried about your well being.

Inoue: Ehh…

Kotarou: Ah, no…

Inoue: Tennouji-kun…just now…

Rustle Rustle

Kotarou: Uh, hey, someone’s here! It’s probably those guys!

Inoue: What’s with those outfits…? Are those guns…?

Kotarou: Aren’t they just Airsoft players?

Inoue: They wouldn’t play at this hour. This is too suspicious.

Kotarou: Don’t stick your head out. They’ll see us.

Inoue: …If they see us, please protect me again.

Kotarou: Ehh…

katcha katcha

Guardian: Hey, someone is here!

Inoue: Okay, good luck!

Kotarou: Why would you…


Esaka: …Stop it right there.

Kotarou: Wait…Esaka-san?

Inoue: You know him?

Kotarou: Yeah… Why are you here, Esaka-san.

Esaka: That’s what I want to ask. We’re just on our way home after playing some Airsoft.

Kotarou: Just as I said.

Inoue: So the people causing a ruckus late at night…

Esaka: That would most likely be us.

Kotarou: Aren’t you a little old for that…

Inoue: Bo~ring. I thought it was some secret organization having training battles.

Esaka: …And this young lady is?

Kotarou: Uh…well… This is Inoue. She’s part of my school’s newspaper club.

Esaka: I see. Miss, let me give you a piece of advice.

Inoue: What, Mister?

Esaka: Curiosity killed the…

Inoue: Oh, I know that already. Another person said the same thing a while back.

Esaka: Oh really, then I’m not going to say anything else. Take care on your way home.

Inoue: There sure are a lot of weird people in Kazamatsuri. Well, that’s also why there are so many stories scattered around.

Kotarou: …I feel like you haven’t found any scoops during this whole time though.

Inoue: Oh really? Is that how you want it? I’ll make sure to find something next time then.

Kotarou: Yeah, yeah…

##War Always Have Two Sides

Inoue: Hey, Tennouji-kun.

Kotarou: You want to go investigate again, right? It’s okay with me, but at this rate I might start asking for compensation.

Inoue: Compensation… I wouldn’t mind giving you something in return.

Kotarou: Oh, you serious!?

Inoue: So, how about I give you some of my time as compensation.

Kotarou: Huh… Your time?

Inoue: Today, I’m not asking for your help. I’m asking you on a date. I thought we could have some fun just the two of us.

Kotarou: …What?

Kotarou: (To think I’d be going out alone with Inoue. She called it a date too…)

Kotarou: (Well, that part is probably just a joke. Still, it’s rare for Inoue to say stuff like that…)

Inoue: Hey, are you hungry?

Kotarou: Uh? Yeah, I guess. We should get something to eat.

Inoue: I know a really good pizza place near here. Should we go there?

Kotarou: Seems good… I’m surprised you’d know a place like that.

Inoue: I’m technically a girl after all.

Kotarou: Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that…

Inoue: Fufufu, I actually know about it because I wrote an article about it. We get a lot more readers if we include information like that.

Kotarou: Okay, I see.

Inoue: This will be the first time I go there privately. It’ll be fun.

Kotarou: Oh really, and you want to go with me?

Inoue: Of course! Why are you being so tense?

Kotarou: I’m not really tense. It’s just…

Kotarou: (I’m getting thrown off balance…)

Inoue: Oh!

Kotarou: Wh, What is it?

Inoue: Look! Over there!
Kotarou: What!?

Guardian: You Gaian fanatics! We’ll settle this here and now!

Robed Man: You small minded savages! There’s no need to wait for salvation to deal with you!

Inoue: A crowd of adults are fighting! This is a real scoop!

Kotarou: …Is it really?

Inoue: Let’s go, Tennouji-kun!

Kotarou: And the pizza?


katcha katcha

Inoue: To be able to mediate this large of a brawl, you’re incredible, Tennouji-kun.

Kotarou: Rather than mediate, I just pissed everyone off. I might be hated by both parties after this.

Kotarou: Who are these guys anyway? They said something about finding a key and not handing it over.

Inoue: So someone dropped their key started fighting with the person who picked it up?

Kotarou: I’ve no idea…

##Lobster Roll?

Inoue: We finally found a scoop, and it’s all thanks to you, Tennouji-kun.

Kotarou: …Hey, wasn’t this supposed to be a date?

Inoue: Oh… That’s right, I’m sorry. I got a bit side tracked…

Kotarou: …It’s fine. I’m more comfortable with the normal you. That’s the Inoue I lo…

Inoue: Um… What did you say?

Kotarou: …Lobster Roll.

Inoue: What do you mean lobster roll!?

Kotarou: I really want to eat a lobster roll.

Inoue: You’re so lying!

Kotarou: Then what do you think I said, huh?

Inoue: That… I can’t say something like that… It can’t come from me…

Kotarou: Then it’s okay with lobster roll.

Inoue: It’s not okay! We have to make this clear!

Kotarou: Why’s that?

(Music Cue)
Inoue: Because…we don’t know what could happen to us in the future.

Inoue: I understand…all the things I do. At times, I’ll walk into really dangerous places.

Inoue: Someday I could get into a weird accident… It might be something really serious.

Kotarou: …If you understand that, you should just stop…

Inoue: What if…by some fluke, I lose my memory. Stuff like that could happen…

Inoue: That’s why I want to make things clear. I don’t want to leave things unresolved…

Inoue: I don’t want to have regrets like, I should have said this or asked that!

Inoue: So please…Tennouji-kun, tell me how you feel…

Kotarou: Inoue…

Inoue: If you tell me…I’ll say…what I feel…as well.

Kotarou: …I get it.

Kotarou: I…love you, Inoue.

Inoue: I…love you too.

Kotarou: …I had a feeling.

Inoue: Yep…me too.

Kotarou: We’re way too indirect, aren’t we?

Inoue: We’re both like that, so it’s fine. Haha!

Kotarou: So…uh, you want to go out with me?

Inoue: Okay…for investigations.

Kotarou: The hell!

Inoue: Fufu… Kidding.

Kotarou: Come on…

Inoue: So…you think we’ll be happy together?

Kotarou: Of course. As long as the world doesn’t end that is.

Inoue: What’s that supposed to mean? You’re weird…

Kotarou: Let’s go, Inoue.

Inoue: …Go where?

Kotarou: To have pizza.

Inoue: …Sure!


Poor Robed Man I cri every time.

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Man that was fun. I hate that it’s only in the mobile game. >_>

Thanks for sharing though…

You can play it with an emulator though, and it feels like playing a mix between a Rewrite VN and a JRPG.
I recommend playing it, it’s cute. :3

Key just made a statement that Inoue’s full name is Inoue Akira. This is thanks to the current Ignis Memoria wedding event. As a joke, sort of, Kotarou says that if they were to get married her name would become Tennouji, so he would like to know her given name. She says that, if her name ever becomes Tennouji, he should call her Akira. (Though they didn’t specify how it was pronounced until now, so people have been freaking out on twitter these last two days.)


Additional to what you mentioned earlier about @Aspirety

4 of the routes would not have even happened without her. Because Inoue got lost and Koutarou and the Occult Research club went to search her, Lucia and Shizuru were revealed to be part of Guardian and Akane and Chihaya in Gaia marking the end of the common route.
(The only exception to this is Lucia’s route)

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I’ve been meaning to write about Miss Inoue as I’m trying not to lose my Buster status ofc as someone currently studying Journalism. I like her a lot as a character, but I’ll be a little nitpicky on her portrayal as a campus journalist haha. Please take this with a grain of salt though, as most of my media knowledge is from the anecdotes of my professors, and I’m fairly sure that journalists have it a bit differently in Japan.

The most typical press covfefe (I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this meme) in real life is a little more mundane than how characters like Inoue tend to show. Usually, reporters are assigned to cover a particular beat (e.g. police, particular government offices, particular sectors, business, S&T, sports, you name it) and report on events that cover that particular beat. These assignments are either assigned by editors or sought out by reporters on their own. For most newspapers, it’s often the latter. The typical covfefe is still exciting in their own way, mind you.

For instance, those in the police beat would often just stay in the police station and either or both (1) write stories based on blotter reports, and/or (2) do spot reporting: tag along with officers who’ll go to scenes of incidents. Those who cover government offices or companies would often attend press conferences, PR events where the big name peeps announce stuff and journos have a chance to interview them.

However, there’s this thing called “investigative reporting,” also called “enterprise reporting.” This is about seeking out stories that journalists wouldn’t usually get from their typical covfefe, and the public has yet to know. They also need to be stories that the public needs to know, stories that affect a large number of people (or everyone).

Popular examples are issues of government incompetence like corruption or poorly-implemented policies or the classic Watergate Scandal. Examples that don’t involve the government is, well, the issue of systemic sexual violence among Roman Catholic priests featured in the Oscar-awarded Spotlight. They often involve system failure.

A successful investigative report is very well-regarded and often land in the front page (aka every journo’s dream). It is as difficult to pull off as it sounds as it often requires very rigorous corroboration because you can’t afford to go wrong here and sources can be difficult to find. It’s also as dangerous as it sounds.

In that sense, Inoue is more focused on investigative reporting. I think it sort of make sense that way, since campus journalists aren’t as busy on doing day-to-day coverage like those from the national newspapers do, so they have more time investigating. But at the same time, she’s following waaaayyyy too many leads haha which is kind of odd because I cannot emphasize enough how difficult investigative reporting is. And she’s still in high school.

To be honest, I think Inoue is flirting a little too close with the stereotypical reporter character which I’m not too big a fan of: those who like the smell of controversies and enjoy ruining people’s reputation because spicy controversy is <3. Sure, newspaper owners might want that because controversy = moolah, but lolnope it’s actually unethical for journalists to ruin a person’s life without a compelling public-oriented reason aka the SPJ principle of Minimizing Harm.

The good thing is that I don’t think she ever intruded someone’s privacy… illegally, like wiretapping or whatnot (it conflicts with another principle, that of accountability and transparency). She just has a source who happens to have a slippery tongue (ahem Shizuru). I’m not sure if she ever committed bribery in the VN, but that’s not ethically sound because journos need to abide by the principle of acting independently so they are not swayed by interests other than that of the public.

The best thing about Inoue though is that Romeo Tanaka seems to have a decently good grasp of what journalists need to do. During Kotori route, Kotarou had a great deal of respect to her eagerness to seek the truth (the most important principle in journalism). And in hindsight, a lot of her leads involve public interest: Kotarou’s “illegal entry” thing and Akane’s bribery thing may be hinting to corruption in their school, the rainbow river is an important environmental concern and later even hinting an underground conspiracy. I really appreciate this effort in portraying her as a passionate journo who genuinely seek truth rather than someone who just like to write controversies for the sake of it. I mean it’s not entirely unrealistic; it’s just a really tiring stereotype that doesn’t exactly reflect what real-life journos do (though frankly reflects the state of the media industry because moolah).

Other than that, I only have two minor nitpicks: (1) Inoue is actively pissing off sources when real life journos tend to be much friendlier (more like pretending to be friendly) towards people they are planning to criticize (they still need them to answer their questions haha), and (2) there’s no hint of her outrightly using the handy-dandy voice recorder, which is strange because it’s their most important tool of the trade. You’ll need the soundbite girl and voice recorder is the best way to capture a soundbite. Notes don’t cut it, unless you write as fast as someone speaks or your sources can only speak off-the-record.