Proposal: Kaza Community Review of Summer Pockets

So I have this idea. I’d really like to have a review of Summer Pockets to publish on the blog, but at present the only person who’s finished it on the blog team is Helios. But I got thinking, what if we worked together as a community to publish a review? I dunno if this is the best idea in the world, but I’m throwing it to you guys. Maybe we could assign each person who wants to contribute a specific route to review, and we throw them all together into an article.

Would anyone be interested in contributing to this?

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How many people here have read it in general?

Based on the topic polls, 8 people

I’m working my way through common route, but it’s going to take me a good time to complete. I can still review the music if we’re talking about a short term project though.

I could finally get around to reading a route for the purposes of this review too.

I can help with the review blog post.