Pray for KyoAni

I just had to post this, since it is such a tragedy: 34 people from Kyoto Animation killed in an arson attack Thursday.

I’ll never forget the impact of the Key Trinity series had on me. This is such a sorrowful and painful event for anime fans and Key fans and especially for the families involved.

Here’s the Sentai Filmworks Gofundme site:

Thank you, KyoAni, for your excellent anime series, Key and non-Key related!


It was indeed a pretty bad tragedy that made a pretty huge blow not just on the anime industry, but on japan as a whole :uee: I really hope they can recover from this and continue making works that touch peoples’ hearts

I’d be pretty cautious about funding through Sentai’s gofundme. They haven’t been very transparent as to how they are planning to send the money to KyoAni.

Another alternative is to support KyoAni through their official shop:


I really hope those that are injured are all safe too, I would hate to hear any more deaths.


KyoAni is responsible for creating a lot of my gateway anime as well my some of my favorite anime, and I can’t thank them enough for that. I hope everyone involved heals soon.


So KyoAni released an official statement:

If you’d like to donate, the only surefire way is to send it to that bank account. Sure, you may have to pay wire transfer fees, but that’s a small price to pay after what happened.


I still can’t get over it all. I hope that those injured can heal and get past this. I hope those that passed on can find peace. For such a horrible thing to happen to anyone is just beyond anything I can say.


Kyo Ani and Key are very close and I only recently been able to keep it out of the back of my mind, RIP. I gave a donation, but shut my self off from KEY and Kyo the last 5 months in terms of content, TY everyone for taking care of me as I grew up. Bless everyone who carries the torch.