Owari no Hoshi no Love Song 7. Executioner no Koi (Executioner's Love)

Discussion topic for Track 7 of Owari no Hoshi no Love Song: Executioner no Koi (Executioner’s Love). Please support the official release by purchasing the album from iTunes! You can find a translation of the lyrics on ShiraneHito’s blog.
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This was one of my favorite tracks from the “Owari No Hoshi No Love Song” album. I just love the story that it has, and the hard composition that it expresses to showcase the emotions of the Executioner.

A girl who was supposed to be killed, was saved by the executioner himself, running with him into the forest, where she told him her story. I don’t think she had lied about her story. She could have been telling the truth, and might have not trusted the executioner. Even though the executioner had saved her, he was still an executioner, and an unknown male to her, so she could have been skeptical still.

I think there are 2 ways to believe in, in the story.

A way to believe, is that the girl had told the man lies about her past, so that he could feel sympathy for her and so that at night, she could steal his money when he fell asleep, because he wouldn’t have high defense.

The other way to believe, is that the girl had told the man the truth, yet didn’t trust him and she didn’t have any money, so she took his money and ran off for safety, and to get things such as food and shelter, because I believe that she must have been homeless and had no family.

I think the first way of believing is the general idea, considering that she was also hung and supposed to be killed. But I also believe that the reason why she was hung, was not because she was a bad person, but rather, people didn’t like her. I don’t know how to explain it necessarily, but it’s a bit like (Re:Zero) people not liking Emilia because they believe that she’s possibly the witch . It could have been set up. What supports this is that they decided to use the Executioner again to kill the girl, when they could have had someone else kill her. It seemed suspicious to me. And the thing that interests me is that the girl had been found out again and hung. It’s possible that people were looking for her in the forest, but I think it’s also possible she had a loan and couldn’t pay for it, so she tried using the Executioner’s money, but it possibly wasn’t enough, or they might have wanted revenge because she ran away the first time. It’s just my speculation at this point. But I truly believe that the girl was not doing that on purpose.

But he then shoots the rope that ties her again and tells her to run. While he himself is hung the following day.

But What supports the idea that the girl was not doing it on purpose is that in the other “Owari No Hoshi No Love Song” Song titled Hero No Jouken, a lyric piece says that “One have saved each other from a death sentence” . This makes me happy because it shows that (Hero No Jouken content analysis to Executioner No Koi) she finally realized he was a good person, and wanted to save him from death, showing that she cared for him . I think you can argue in both ways of thinking on why that happened, but I personally want to believe the latter, because it’s a much more positive outlook on the situation.

I also really love the character designs in this one more than the other “Owari No Hoshi No Love Song” designs from the other songs. It might be because it reminds me of how a Key-character design would look like though.

And the song itself is beautiful. The chorus is very catchy, and Yanagi’s voice is beautiful in this song. The composition, lyrics, story, characters, everything, they’re all beautiful.

This is definitely one of my favorites from the album, but I hope that it gets more recognition one day.


Damn, this is a good song! And nobody else is talking about it :uee:

So here we have the story of an executioner who is tasked to kill somebody who looks like his first love. He saves her, is betrayed, but then saves her again, and is thus punished for it. He does seem like a pretty lousy executioner, eh? :yahaha:

And from this story, we learn that love truly is blind. Regardless of whether or not the girl is an evil bitch, the fact remains that his reasons for saving her were because of her resemblance to his first love. We could argue that she was actually innocent, or that she was worth pitying, but none of that matters. He didn’t save her as a means to fight injustice or anything like that! Everything the executioner did was because of him hanging on to his first love.

It’s hard to feel pity for either of the characters (both of them being dumb fucks) but at the same time what both characters did feels extremely human, and I like it. I like it a lot.

Sidenote: why was the executioner’s job to “shoot” her even though they had a hanging rope for this job? Granted, 撃つ can have multiple meanings in this context



The ‘crowd roaring’ in the middle of the song will never not completely eclipse the rest of it to me, it’s so hilarious, unnatural, but also kind of neat.

Music is good, the instrumentals are goooooooooood shit. I don’t really have much to add to the story that hasn’t been said already.

Look at the image.
The rope is to bind her, not to hang her.