Owari no Hoshi no Love Song 3. Killer Song

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One of the few Flaming June songs I’ve listened to that actually had a good ending ;_;

This has always been one of my favorite songs on this album. The fast parts are cool, but the part I like the most is when she’s had her legs cut and she’s dragging herself back to the blind man. It just feels very powerful and menacing how it’s more rhythmic speech rather than singing. It’s also kinda monotone which melds with the man saying there’s no difference after the first kill. The image of him with his bright yet foggy eyes is also really cool.

So how does think link to the previous song? I think it’s slightly faster. I can’t really tell. It definitely has a lot less optimism and a lot more bloodshed and abuse. Ultimately the song is about the legend that the two were able to become though. I suppose it is progression that they were able to accomplish their goal kinda. We don’t really know if that ark was ever found.

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This was a fun story! I know I watched this video before, but I totally forgot what happened. Despite that the story was still able to excite me.

So… what can we learn from this story? I can’t begin to say. Keep fighting for what you believe in? Even if you’ve done evil, you can justify it by upholding good? Take care of disabled people???
It’s a fun story, but I really don’t know what to gain from it. :sad:

It’s pretty cheesy, but it kinda feels like the final line is the important one. Basically, the power of love can make a blind man into a lord and a cripple into a knight. It’s kinda fairy tale-esque, though the girl doesn’t necessarily grow. Campbell links fairy tales and legends to independence/maturity, but our MC becomes very dependent on the blind man. So we have the structure of a narrative with a moral/message at the end, but it doesn’t follow the conventional tropes associated with that structure


I have a tough time with this song for kind of a stupid reason. The opening stanza “Your eyes are blind, but you’re gifted to see nothing but truth. Therefore everyone took advantage of you.”

Every time I listen to it I have to pause and sort out how that isn’t innately self contradictory - it seems really hard to take advantage of someone who “can only see the truth.” I don’t always even convince myself. But even if I do I am so distracted by those lines and so I end up tuning out one third of the song before I can get myself back into it.

I also think the blind guy is kind of a dick for being like, “Lol, killing one persons means killing any number is okay, so why don’t you keep doing that for me?”

In terms of making sense of the Closed World we do learn some things in this song
-The seasons are screwed up in terms of order
-With how freely people kill, threaten, and become lords it feels like the government is either super weak or just as likely non existent.

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I’m gonna say…don’t.
There isn’t anything to gain from it.
The closest thing it has to a message is ‘ay if you kill someone who cares if you kill more lol’

No this is not a song you’re supposed to feel for, this is a song that is really setting in how F U C K E D U P the ruined world is. It’s some Hokuto no Ken shit with plenty of establishing shots of skeletons, ruins, and deserts. It’s a world where even a ‘good guy’ like Roxas over there can get away with saying ‘just kill more for me kek’.

There is a reason this was the first song we were introduced to pre-release, this song is for world building. The ruined world is just as a part of Owari no Hoshi no Love Song as the love songs.

As for the song, well this is what you people are for, I do love the energy to the whole thing, I love the instrumental about 2/3rds in. Including the heavy breathing after the crippling helps make it more than a song, but also a story.
All of these things are commonplace on the entire album so Killer Song just kind of falls a little flat compared to the rest, but I do like it.


I like the music, it’s really cool and pleasant to listen to, but I don’t think it has struck me as strongly memorable yet. I have already listened to it quite a few times already, even on loop as I did a fanart of this, but I still struggle at recalling the melody at times. :((

As for the story, I find it interesting how in this song, people will go as far as to embrace violence for love. It’s messed up. And it’s probable that the dude realized that there’s really nothing much that the girl can do with her blood-stained hands, anyway. In a way, it was to give her a purpose instead of letting her sink into despair for killing someone.

Let me tell you why that’s wrong

The song presents an allegory on human nature. The blind man is a “yes man,” someone who will say anything to make people happy. On the surface, it makes everyone happier, but in reality giving people whatever they want has consequences. For the sake of the story, his life is at stake upon each request. Someone who who couldn’t make everyone happy would feel tortured on the inside that they couldn’t, and that is how it’s represented in the song. He also tells the girl that killing one is no different than two or three. Again, it makes a person feel better, but has dire consequences.

The girl is an example of a know it all. The song is told from her perspective, so we never know what the blind man is thinking. We know the girl talks a lot about him, but there is no guarantee that what she says about the blind man is actually true. He never asked her to protect him, let alone kill for him. He merely pointed in the direction of “enemies” (a word defined by the girl) and she chose to kill them.

So, what’s the moral of the story?
You can’t be either of those people. Yes, it may work out for a while, as shown by the formation of an “impregnable castle.” Yet one shot from the beginning video denies it all.

The girl’s signature knife lying next to a skeleton, her skeleton. The knife is clearly important to the song, being the climax of the story and being featured in the Hero no Jouken picture. The knife was not drawn there for no reason; it shows that the girl died. She died because her lifestyle was unsustainable. This does not mean that all know-it-alls will die, but symbolically shows that the attitude will fail you in the end.

Game theory: the castle became the ark from “ark for the two of us.”
The way they describe the legends of both spreading is eerily similar.

And now the part you can skip: a personal anecdote about why I love this song:

I have two reasons for loving this song.
The first is simple. I share traits with the main characters in the song: I am almost legally blind and I can’t walk properly to some extent because of a few knee surgeries. So of course, when you’re bed-bound after your third surgery you can’t help but feel useless and alone. This song helped me through a hard part of my life, by showing me that even those at a disadvantage can still function fine.

The other reason is another robotics story. I joined the team with my friend. After one year, the Head of Manufacturing and the Head of Design graduated and we were left with no one to build the robot. So in that year, me and my friend came to be known as the dynamic duo: he could see a design in his head and make it in CAD (design software), and I could build anything. Stories spread about the guy who would go without sleep for days to crank out designs and the guy who was faster than the computer-controlled machine. Even two years later, after overcoming many obstacles (like killing obstacles, just not killing them) we still held the team together.

In the face of adversity, you can overcome any challenge.