Owari no Hoshi no Love Song 13. Kono Hoshi no Birthday Song (Birthday Song for This Planet)

Discussion topic for Track 13 of Owari no Hoshi no Love Song: Kono Hoshi no Birthday Song (Birthday Song for This Planet). Please support the official release by purchasing the album from iTunes! You can find a translation of the lyrics on ShiraneHito’s blog.
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So this is the obligatory “Things may be shit most of the time, but life is still worth living” preaching. There’s some extra nuance in how the narrator is skeptical, yet the woman asks them to see things her way. I imagine most people would be on the skeptical side. It’s a much more relatable situation than having the narrator be someone of the other camp. The woman speaks to the narrator, and by extension us, as a separate individual as opposed to just having a monologue about how life is worth living.

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“Local man tries to preach about how incredibly valuable life is after spending entire album mercilessly killing people.”

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Really not much discussion for this one eh ^^;

I tried to think of something but there really isn’t much going, yeah. Considering the world is ruined, all I can say is that it’s beautiful that they can continue to bring a child into the world. Does it imply the world is getting better? I hope so! But even if it isn’t, it’s still beautiful to know that the child will have a chance at a blessed life.

The song really ties together the “don’t give up” theme of the album. It gains a lot more meaning if the couple from this song is the couple who lost a child in Yuki no Furanai Hoshi.

For the life of me I couldn’t think of a reason why this is the last song in the album over Hero no Jouken. In terms of the story, Hero no Jouken provides closure on most of the songs. Thematically, it’s less clear that it’s about a cycle of heroes. Kono Hoshi no Birthday Song, however, very clearly represents the cycle of life (because childbirth). It brings the album full circle by reminiscing about when the world wasn’t ruined, while hoping the future will be different. Because of that uncertainty planted in the child, we know that something will happen to them, we just don’t know what (it’d be cool if the child became the boy from Hero no Jouken).

See Hero no Jouken would’ve been better as a last song

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For the life of me I couldn’t think of a reason why this is the last song in the album over Hero no Jouken

Because it’s +1 life instead of the usual -.