Nagisa and Kud figures announced at Wonder Festival 2017!

Some surprising news from the Wonder Festival 2017 hobby convention today! Many years after CLANNAD has come and gone, Good Smile Company have surprised us with the announcement of a Nendoroid of Nagisa Furukawa! For those unaware, Good Smile Company are one of the most popular hobby manufacturers in the world, and their figures have taken the world by storm. Their Nendoroid line depicts characters in superdeformed chibi style.

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I am really hoping that this causes more Key nendoroids. There hasn’t been any besides little busters and the ayumi one. I know the chances are low but I really really really want a misuzu nendoroid. But this is great news, it hasn’t been since the little busters nendoroids that there has been such an instant buy, so nagisa is indeed very good pick. I hope she comes with a dango that the holds, I bet she will! I am trying to think what kind of faces she will have… a normal one a smiling one and… some sort of sad face or maybe flustered?

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When I was at the AX Key dinner in 2016, I asked about them making more figures (like Yumemi, Shiori, Kyousuke). Baba said that he is friend’s with one of the heads at Goodsmile and said that we should bug them with requests and that he would talk to them. So perhaps he actually did. I think Nagisa was picked because of the popularity of Clannad on steam they decided to go for it.

I hope that they continue and make AIR, Kanon and More Little Busters characters and Yumemi. I fully see a re-release of the Kud Wafter. I just hope other figures get made other than Kud Wafter since she already has a ton of figures.

As for Goodsmile not making figures for Clannad, Goodsmile wasn’t really that big in 2004 like Kotobukiya. Wasn’t until around 2008-ish where they picked up their game.


Even so, why wouldn’t they make Clannad figures during the hype of the anime series?

Well I’m definitely picking up that Nagisa nendo. A worthy addition to my fairly small Nendoroid army.

Maybe… drunk face? :haha:


Good question, but that goes for the majority of the companies. There were only a handful of figures when the anime came out and mostly prize ones. There aren’t that many scale Key figures either there’s only a handful and most were put out by Kotobukiya. I feel like the figure boom hit around 2009 and after.

Maybe…maybe my dream Misuzu Nendo is closer and more possible than I ever imagined. I will be grabbing it for sure~<3

I’m not entirely clear on the purpose of a “Nendoroid” but now what we need is one of Fuko in Starfish Ecstasy and Kyou in launching position of a Japanese -English dictionary

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It is so great and really want it.

Nendoroids tend to have alternate faces available, so if they were released, they would likely come with them.

I’d like to see angry Kyou and Sunohara with the face he makes in the discord emote.

Yeah, Nendos do things that figures can’t. Being able to pose them and change them up without having those out-of-place joint marks. The Chibi style also presents things that the traditional style just couldn’t present, such as the cute determination of this Menma Nendoroid.

It’s also worth noting that you can order custom expressions, so even if a Starfish face doesn’t exist, you can make one on the official site.


Thanks for explaining about Nendoroids. I had no idea they were a “thing” here in the UK - I see there only seems to be two direct suppliers and a few retailers but they almost certainly don’t sell Key figures here anyway (they have stuff like Fate/Stay Night, Alchemist though).

Edit: Just found OMG they have Kurisu Makise :joy: but out of stock :grimacing: Even some Clannad items from Japan!

Oh wow I had no idea about the custom face! That’s awesome. I really want top make a Kyousuke one you can easily make one modifying a few. I bet we could do this for the other LB girls too.

If you are ever interested in any figures of any kind or where to buy some, let me know. It is one of my hobbies :smiley: is a great place to start to see what is made. I often add to site too and to my collection ^-^"

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New figure in the works by Good Smile!!! Another Tenshi (would like some of the other girls, but hopefully this will be a set, or something like the Miku ones).

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I was going to complain too in favor of wanting other characters, but she is in a Kimono so I was instantly placated.

Eii what that actually looks pretty amazing! Can’t wait for the sculpted sample :smiley:

The coloured ver of the prototype is now existing. I smell preorders on the horizon!