Moving servers: Forum temporarily read-only!

We recently got a new server for Kazamatsuri - bigger, better and friendlier. @Aspirety has named her Jena, and she will be taking over duties as our main server… right now! This shouldn’t affect anyone in any way, except possibly in the way where everything runs slightly faster, because Jena is pretty great like that.

Just one thing: while she takes her place as our main server, there will be two servers filling that role, and to prevent any messages posted to the old server from just plain disappearing, we’ll make the forum readonly during the transition.

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Welp, I can’t figure out how to close this… @Bizkitdoh?

Y’know, I used to have an issue with editing posts (the AJAX request to the server would timeout), especially really big posts (the ABOW guide), and I forgot to bring that up… But I am trying it again and perhaps it had been fixed thanks to the newer server!

I’ll make sure to bring it up if it ever happens again

Please do, also link where it happens if it does

You click the wrench up and to right to do things. You should have one I’d think. Lol