Love Song Bookclub

The Love Song Bookclub is Kazamatsuri's eighth Bookclub, and is shifting gears by focusing on not a VN or Anime, but a series of music albums. Specifically, Love Song and it's successor Owari no Hoshi no Love Song. Both of these albums were composed by Jun Maeda, and together weave

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I haven’t listened to Love Song, but I love Owari no Hoshi no Love Song. Yanagi Nagi has a beautiful voice.

Do we need to share our Twitter account links on here like the previous giveaway entries?

Looking forward to this a lot! If timings are good I’d maybe be interested in being in a podcast too.

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This is going to be awesome. I haven’t listened to the “Love Song” album yet , but I have listened to the Owari no Hoshi album two years ago and I remember liking it a lot. So I’m looking forward to this, as I always wanted to re-listen to Owari no Hoshi, along with listening to “Love Song”. :smile:

Heh, interesting idea for a bookclub to tackle music. It’s a proof of variety. This is one I should follow if only for curiosity of how it’ll unfold. :love:

(Chances of KANON bookclub happening if music albums made it first: literally never. RIP @Kanon)

EDIT: wait shit it did happen brain what are you doing

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Music, nice. I might actually participate for once. Does anyone know where I can get the albums outside of itunes

Edit: if u have an Android u can get them off the Play Store. Owari no Hoshi is easy to find, just search it by name. But Love Story is tricker, it’s easier if you search “Key Sound Label” and go to their albums

Let’s mosey.


Anyone know where I can find English translations for the lyrics for Love Song?

Oh this is awesome! I don’t own Love Song but I own the latter, I think I’ll try for the lottery! I’d love to be on the podcast but I have so much homework all the time so I’ll have to see.

This should be pretty interesting. I’ve yet to listen to both albums so I’m going to try to do so during the weekend I have off of work. I never would have thought of analyzing music for part of a bookclub before.

I’m looking forward to participate in this bookclub. I’ll have to make time off my schedule so I can discuss about these wonderful pieces of music. It should be fun for everyone so I’m hoping we can enjoy how Jun Maeda inspires us with his amazing talents and works.

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She already subbed all of it ( Owari no hoshi no Love Song )

** It seems I confuse love song album with Owari no hoshi no Love song
( But I’ll leave the link there, in any case you interested to see OuO )

Wow I’m really excited to participating in this bookclub!

@ZakM not for this giveaway!
@Sleepyy You can grab them off, but you may need a proxy.
@bionic We’ll be providing topics with full translations of each song closer to the date. But they’re all around.

I just grabbed both of these from iTunes. I am going to try and participate in this one, or at least follow along. I am not very good at talking about music, but this still seems really fun.

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“Both of these albums were composed by Jun Maeda and released under Key Sounds Label”

It might be a minor detail and almost everyone would naturally associate Maeda’s music with Key Sounds Label, but I believe Owari no Hoshi no Love Song was released under a separate label “Flaming June” bearing the disk code FJMC-0002, :yukismil:


Uwaa. I made a mistake. I know VA are credited so I guess I assumed they were under KSL. Guess Ill fix that up…

Pushing this week’s podcast (and the commencement of Owari Bookclub) back a week due to organisational and technical issues. Hopefully it’ll give some of our members a chance to catch up. Those of you who are already on top of your posting, consider this a break, and time to mull over your thoughts.