Love Song Bookclub Podcast 4

Here we are with the fourth entry in our series of Love Song Bookclub Podcasts, the first to cover Owari no Hoshi no Love Song! In this episode we’ll be looking at Owari no Sekai Kara, Kimi no Airplane, Futari Dake no Ark and Killer Song. We hope you enjoy this episode; it’s particularly notable for being the first podcast prominently featuring animations since our very first podcast! Thanks Flaming June!

This week I Aspirety am joined by, Bizkitdoh, therationalpi and joining us for the first time on this series: Kanon. Thanks to all the forumers for their forum discussion of these songs, and special thanks to BlackHayate02 for producing some sweet Killer Song fanart. Keep ‘em coming guys!

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All music used in this podcast is the property of its’ respective rights holders. Message me if you’d like the source of any music used!

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Pretty great prodcast! I appreciated the little kinks in editing put in here-and-there. But overall, I agree that there’s a lot less to “analyze” in Owari no Hoshi; whereas the first Love Song podcasts felt like people trying to wrack their brains out on interpreting the songs, this feels more like a whole appreciation discussion… which is, well, nice. I especially like the little things in the videos pointed out by @Kanon :yahaha:

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“I appreciated the little kinks in editing put in here-and-there”

What does this mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the way you synced up the last play of killer song to start the final chorus after the podcast ended…

And the other thing :wink: