Love Song 13. Love Song

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It’s strange for one of these songs to actually be upfront about things. I’m not sure what to highlight; I’m kinda burnt out on Love Song(in a cathartic way). It’s really cool to have this kind of pieces that combine different media. Most of these songs I wouldn’t listen to as normal music, but as a art this album is good shit. I want to sketch an interest curve for the album; however, those kind of projects of mine have a tendency to drag on.


After thinking about this for a while, I’ve gotten two interpretations out of this final piece of a love song:

The first is that this is the girls side of the story after her death. She knows that life was hard for the two of them but no matter what happened, she kept on loving him until the end came. This feels like an ode to her love for him which, despite being painful to remember, heped him to go on and continue living.

The second, and I’m starting to believe this one the more I think about it, is that it’s about the story of a girl who fell in love with a man that’s broken. A man who has already lost the one he loved. Although they will be constantly reminded of her death, and even though it’ll make him anxious, she will continue to love him. She knows that one day, she too will be gone. But until that day comes, all she wants is the chance to be given to sing this song.

A wonderful ending for such a deep and intricate album. I’m really glad we got the chance to discuss this as it is an extremely underrated set of songs, with such intense meaning to give. Now I can’t wait for the end of the planet :yahaha:


Your interpretation, I feel, also lines up with the picture. The girl’s bittersweet expression, her closed eyes, give me the feeling she’s resolving herself to this mindset. In spite of all the pain they’ve shared, she can still think back on their time spent together and appreciate it.

Aside from reminding me of all my Tomoyo After feels, this song’s lyrics are beautiful. My thoughts, however, are a little bit different. Track 12 really felt like the song’s proper ending to me. This almost feels like an explanation of the album’s core message. Instead of just the girl or the boy passing away or being emotionally tortured respectively, I feel like this song could be from either person’s perspective. In their lives together, both have suffered. The singer describes both of them as clumsy and impatient. Their anxiety could come from any number of their past conflicts, be it how different their dreams had become (track 6), or unexpected hardships that tried to tear them apart (track 3). However, they are still able to accept each other, even with all of their flaws, their emotional baggage, and the struggles they are going to have. Even though, “the anxiety will never disappear / I love you. I love you the way you are”. Their love supersedes everything they’ve gone through, because they can share their pain with each other. This song almost feels like exchanged wedding vows, as whether this be the boy or the girl singing, the two are making promises to each other about how no matter what, they will stay together. Perhaps this is chronicling their first time as lovers, the time they first admitted they loved each other. The first line in the third stanza “Because that’s what the two of us agreed on” and the third line “I will leave you this song” sounds much like them promising that this song promising they will stay together will be the one thing they cherish, even in death. It’s incredibly sappy, yet so sincere I can’t help but love it. Perhaps in their happier moments, this is a song they sung together.

The last stanza is awesome. Just by the act of being together, they know they can make their dreams come true. Their love is so strong, their goals for the future are forever intertwined. For all of the heart-wrenching moments in this album, this last track leaves me with a wonderful feeling. You rock, Maeda,


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