Little Busters! TV Animation Perfect Visual Book Announced!


VisualArt's have just announced the Little Busters! TV Animation Perfect Visual Book! The artbook features pieces produced for the Little Busters! anime series. It'll include illustrations used in magazines and merchandise, and will also feature story synopses for each episode of the original season, Refrain, and EX. It will be available to the general public from the 27th of September for 4000円 RRP, but will also be receiving an exclusive early distribution at the VisualArt's Summer event at Gamers in Akihabara from the 11th of September to the 15th, when the event comes to a close. No word on whether any importers will be stocking the product, but we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it! It's surely a must-have item for any Little Busters! collector.

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It is really awkward that the blog contents don’t appear in your initial post anymore :frowning:

Oh wow and this news just indirectly reported that the summer event is extended! Huzzah!

Back on-topic, I guess 4k yen is a pretty standard price for artbooks. I sort-of like the anime art, so I’ll give it a check!

Yay! Another must have >:D

Guess I’ll try lurking the usual places every now and then…

This is going to be a day one purchase for me. Now I’m just waiting for it to show up on Amazon Japan.

I was looking for an art book for Little Busters! recently, so this will do perfectly.

I’ll definitely pick it up when it pops up on Amazon Japan.

Wait it is? ahaha…

Same as all hardcore Key fans above!! I’ll preorder it on once it has the page online!

Can be preordered now in AmiAmi.

My September orders are saturated, with all those LB! paraphernalia getting a delay from August, several Sakura nendoroids and stuff, but I’ll manage somehow

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I just got mine yesterday and… well, they weren’t joking when they called it a Perfect Visual Book…

Basically, practically ALL Little Busters artwork made by JC Staff, such as those in promotional material, merchandise, etc etc are in this book. I can think of no single piece of artwork that isn’t in here.

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Oh my god nooo D:
I click on the link now and it’s gone from ‘pre-order’ to ‘tentative pre-order’. I should’ve gotten in quicker >_<

Ugh. It’s on now and I tried to pre-order, but it won’t ship to my address in the UK. Looks like it might be limited stock too. Guess I’ll have to use a middleman service.

Yeah you’re right they won’t allow overseas orders.

They don’t have it listed in the book section, that’s why.

Yeah won’t allow international orders. You’ll need a proxy. Here’s the guide to buying from Japanese websites I’ve been linking on the Key Games pages.

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Yes, they’re serious. -3- Little Busters! now has 3 perfect artbook. 2 for LB and LBEX galgame and 1 for Anime. So many so satisfying! -3-

I am a good three years late to the party here, but was anyone able to purchase this when it was released? I am trying my hardest to see if I can find a copy to buy, but I am not having any success.

I can find you a copy. It has gone up in value it seems like it wasn’t that easy to find. I do recall having issues looking for a copy when I was in Japan. You will be mostly likely need a proxy (an in between service that will ship the item to you because Japan doesn’t like to ship outside Japan). Sometimes you can get amazon jp to ship to you.

Thank you so much! I will look into this. I did not know about either of these websites, and doing a search did not seem to pull these up right away. I will look to get a proxy service and do my best to get it while the window is open.

I only wish there I was something I can do to return the favor.

Awesome :slight_smile: No problem at all! I’m a merchandise fiend and I look for merchandise in my spare time :3 I love to look for merchandise people are looking for all the time. I wish you luck! I usually use tenso (they give the address) and From Japan, but some cater to different countries so some might work better for you. It’'s too bad it went up in value. Usually artbooks don’t usually retain high value so this is very interesting to see. Also, its a pretty heavy book, so if you can get affordable shipping go with that and make sure they wrap it well.

That’s alright, you can show me a picture when it arrives ^-^ Lemme know if you are looking for anything else. I’m big on looking for garage kits and stuff from Key, so if you see any yumemi ones for sale let me know :3

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Okay then. I will definitely show you a picture, and I will keep an eye out for you. Thanks again for your help!

No problem at all :slight_smile: Glad I could help a fellow fan!