Little Busters! Team Name Generator

Presenting: The Little Busters Team Name Generator Thing!
Similar to the Aphorism Generator I made a while back, this is a Team Name generator.

It’s from the classic scene in Little Busters, where Kyousuke says “The team name will be: Little Busters!” and then the opening plays.
Thanks to @Kanon for the idea. You can enter in text for a team name, it’ll read it out in Text To Speech, and then a youtube video you specify plays.
But the best part about this and the aphorism generator, is you can share the link just by copying the URL, and it’s a secret, so it can be very funny.

How to use:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Enter in the team name (can be anything you want said)
  3. Enter in the youtube video URL (optional)
  4. Click generate!
  5. Copy and paste the URL to people!

For now, youtube links must not be shortened links, or have other data at the end.
Timestamps are being worked on.


This was very quickly thrown together, and will still have development over time.
There may be some desyncing because the sounds just play as soon as they load, but playing them again afterwards should be okay.
Please let me know if there are any major issues or improvements that you want. (also pretty sure it doesn’t work properly on mobile oops)


So this is how this works, right?


Ha, thought I’d give it a try - wrong sport but what the hell :smile:

In the spirit of yesterday’s article

Is this how it works?

I… don’t understand how this generator works? When I try to use it it just plays text-to-speech and then shows me an April fools Little Busters opening parody…

it doesn’t seem to work without a video link for some reason. It seems it works fine with a youtube link though.
all it does is text to speech then a movie.
Since I am here


Ah, Yeah! This is happenin’!