Little Busters Bookclub Podcasts 8-11!

The wait is over! With my health improving and a bunch of free time, I’ve managed to finish editing all of the remaining Little Busters Bookclub Podcasts, and I’ve decided to upload them all at once! Let’s go through them. After-Refrain Discussion In this podcast Aspirety, Pepe, Naoki_Saten and Grooven discuss all of the pre-EX content unlocked in Little Busters after finishing Refrain, as well as the Side Stories: One day, fine day, Little Busters Kansatsu Nikki, Aru Ame no Hi no Koto, A Snowy Day, Shiawase Hitotsu to Aoi Tori, Riyuu Shirazu Tabi ni Deru Kare e, and Bokura no Asa! Spoiler warning for those stories, we recommend checking them out before reading if you don’t wanna be spoiled! Saya Route Aspirety, Pepe, Naoki_Saten, Grooven and for the first time HeliosAlpha jump into this beautiful mess of a route. Lots of interesting talk on the multi-layeredness of the route’s narrative. Congrats to our MVP HeliosAlpha! Sasami Route In this podcast Aspirety, Pepe, Naoki_Saten, Kanon and for the first time adeptArcanist take the time to gush about how great this route is. Because it’s pretty great. For some reason I was voted as MVP for this route! Kanata Route For our final podcast Aspirety, Pepe, Naoki_Saten, Grooven and adeptArcanist help each other come to terms with some of the more confusing messages of this route, the hidden motives of Kanata, and much more! A great podcast to end the series on, and we also announce our final MVPs for the Bookclub! Congrats to our Kanata MVP HeliosAlpha, as well as our Best Artist BlackHayate02, Best Musician SuikaShoujo, and overall MVP Naoki_Saten! We hope to send you all prize packs in the near future if you haven’t received them yet. With that, the Little Busters Bookclub is finally laid to rest. Don’t forget, our planetarian bookclub reboot is currently in progress on the forum, and we’re looking for more people to join our podcasts for it, so please don’t hesitate to apply if you’re interested! We’re hoping we can come together to bring some awesome discussion forward. Thank you once more to everyone who made the Little Busters Bookclub the success it was. It took a bit longer to finish than we expected, but we couldn’t be happier with the final result. Don’t forget, the Little Busters are eternal!

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