List of discouraged behaviours

The following are a list of discouraged behaviours established to offer some guideposts of how to best achieve the Missions laid out in our Code of Conduct. These in severity from vary from things that are almost never acceptable, to things that may be perfectly acceptable under certain circumstances, so please don’t treat them as hard rules.

From most to least unacceptable:

  • Threatening someone
  • Harassment
  • Discriminating on the basis of sex, gender identity, intelligence, sexuality, socio-economic status, race, nationality, age, (dis)ability or physical features.
  • Trolling (from Wikipedia: In Internet slang, a troll (/troʊl, trɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll’s amusement)
  • Spamming unsolicited advertisements
  • Asserting intellectual or social superiority over another
  • Minimalising the suffering of others (ie. calling someone too sensitive when they’re calling out something that upsets them. Be empathetic!)
  • Publicly insulting members or Kazamatsuri as a whole, spreading lies and unverified rumors about them, and posting unconstructive criticism about them
  • Claiming the Kazamatsuri brand without the consensus of the community
  • Posting pornography, or anything obviously pornographic in nature
  • Posting violent imagery
  • Glorifying or promoting self-harm/suicide, even as a joke
  • Use of pejoratives and slurs, including ‘triggered’ (the adjective meaning made angry/uncomfortable) and ‘trap’ (concept of men dressing as women) (We’ll keep this updated with the less obvious ones)
  • Disputing the non-harmful religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs of another
  • Continuing discussion of a topic that is making people uncomfortable in a public space - particularly Discord. (Oak’s words echoed: There’s a time and place for everything…)
  • Excessive self-deprecation
  • Using multiple accounts
  • Promoting piracy on the forum
  • Promoting or expressing support of beliefs and sentiments (political or religious or otherwise) which directly clash with our Missions. We are not impartial to all beliefs, and we will refuse a platform for unempathetic sentiments to spread on Kazamatsuri.
  • Plagiarism, and posting the work of others without linking to / crediting the original author
  • Posting untagged spoilers
  • Presenting theories or unverified rumors as fact
  • Refusing to accept the opinions of others as their opinions
  • Bringing up inflammatory real-world political topics in public space
  • Posting in non-English languages in public without a translation
  • Not using a discord username or nickname that can be traced back to your forum identity
  • Excessive use of emoji, emoticons, and SMS language
  • Posting multiple times a row in a thread in a short span of time (use quotes to reply to multiple people!)
  • Posting without an avatar
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Oh I have one to add

  • Disregarding another’s opinions because you disagree with them. This usually involves someone calling expressing their opinion of a work as “good” or “bad” and people responding with “but you didn’t understand it the right way”

Not sure if I worded this right but I figure it can avoid making people feel cornered for having an unpopular opinion



I consider that a skill that takes some experience and time to learn. We should encourage it, but also give people time to learn and understand.

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  • Condemning someone on the basis of their non-harmful interests. (ie. making fun of someone for having a ship you don’t agree with, or for being a lolicon or a furry)

I feel like this is something that we’re all guilty of doing sometimes, and something we need to be more aware of. It’s fine to personally find something unpleasant, but we should let people like the things they like, and not be so quick to judge and condemn them for their interests when they aren’t harming anyone.

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Could you rephrase that? Your language is confusing me.

  • Harming the community, regardless if it’s on or off the site. That includes publicly insulting members or the site, spreading lies about them, as well as unconstructive criticism.

Constructive criticism should be welcome, but either public and within designated areas like certain forum topics, or personal messages adressed to members of the staff.


I guess “not being able to accept that your opinion isn’t fact” is one way of putting it
Like if you come onto kaza and think It’s Enough about Little Busters, you shouldn’t be condemned for it

Rephrase the point in it’s entirety, I’m still confused :yahaha:

Errmmm umm…

Don’t be close minded? Accept that others’ opinions and thoughts on a work are valid?

Yeah, I put “Presenting your own theory as fact” but I guess that’s too specific

Updated the list, feel free to add more suggestions.

Can we word that in a more understandable way? I’m pretty sure “accept” isn’t supposed to mean “agree” here, but does it mean something like “disagreeing respectfully” if you do?
Does it mean saying “no, you’re wrong!” over and over is a no-go?

Right sorry. It’s meant to be like, accepting that the opinions of others are their opinions.

I think this could be changed to “Posting in languages other than English without expressed permission or without an English translation”


Wouldn’t this qualify as breaking the law? We have forum members who are very young and some who cannot view this material at all. Besides, if it isn’t something you would discuss or share with others, public or not, why do it in a moderated space?

Even when those types of “discussions” come up, how is that truly fair to users who may have horrible pasts or feel greatly uncomfortable with reading about it? It’s true that some of Key’s characters have horrible pasts, but if it is discouraged to bring up inflammatory politics, one has to figure out the balance between empathy, safety, and moderation. I don’t mean discussion about whether a work is best read with adult content or not, I’m referring to the other material.

You’re 100% correct, but honestly people do this so often that I felt it needed re-stating as a separate item…

This actually gets quite iffy becausw pornography laws get quite iffy depending on where you live. This is unverified but I hear that showing a naked woman in a film in germany is just pg-13 but showing someone getting massacred to death would be r-18

But yeah I do agree with your point but some people fail to note this fact; it affects me since I visit kaza (both the forum and discord) at work, so if I am scrolling and something explicit appears while a co-worker is glancing at my screen, I would be in trouble

The other problem is even though it could be legal to have it, some of our members cannot view it for any reason. The laws vary greatly, but at some point the forum has to be safe for all members.

Fanservice is one thing and totally subjective anyway. Forcing your ideas of porn on someone else is an entirely different matter.

Also, there are chats dealing with topics related to porn that really shouldn’t be had in any sort of public space IMHO. I won’t go into specifics, but I don’t see how such topics would help anyone or make it a more welcoming or friendly environment.

This is where things get a little contentious. We don’t want Kazamatsuri to appear a place where we’re too strict on the kind of things people are allowed to say here. People have different tolerance levels for the kind of things they’re okay seeing.

Some people will comment stuff like “I wanna put my dick in her” for a character he likes. It’s not really the subject of the conversation, just a passing comment, usually for comedic effect. Are comments like that unacceptable for Kazamatsuri, or should we be lenient?

The line where things start becoming really uncomfortable for me personally is when people start talking about how much they love lolis, and making comparisons between lolicon and pedophilia. Inherently, I have nothing wrong with loli content or people that enjoy that, even for sexual reasons. But I feel like that kind of culture is really creepy sometimes with how it kinda glorifies pedophilia (even in a tongue in cheek way), and probably doesn’t belong on Kazamatsuri.

Also, I think there are respectful ways of talking about sex. Talking about a h-scene from a Key game in a detached way is fine by me (especially if it’s talking about how trash they are). You can talk about sex with a clinical tone, or a psychological/sociological tone, and I won’t personally have a problem.

But yeah, if people are talking about sex because they’re horny, and going into depth there, I think that’s already way beyond the line of acceptable conduct.

How does everyone else feel?