Let's try HTTPS!

Since Cloudflare can now magically enable HTTPS on everything, I figured I might as well make the forum use it. Everything on the forum should now go over HTTPS, while it’s optional on the front page. And as an added bonus, we get SPDY support, which makes the site even faster!

There’s just one catch: This HTTPS implementation requires something called Server Name Indication (SNI), which is not supported in pre-Ice Cream Sandwich Android, or Internet Explorer on Windows XP (or lower).

The forums already don’t work with browsers that old, thus I can enforce https here with no regrets. But the front page is supposed to be a news site, and turning visitors away is the worst thing one can do.

If you have the choice though, do give HTTPS on the front page a shot - it’ll be faster thanks to SPDY, and no spies will have a chance to be amazed by your tastes!


Thanks upp! I don’t really use a secure password for Kaza (because who cares if I get hacked here lol) but HTTPS is a pretty great addition, especially for people who tend to use the same password literally everywhere XD