Let's Connect with Key Fans Around The World!

Hey all. Opening this thread for discussion on a project I’ve had in mind for a while, and probably mentioned once or twice if anyone remembers. The mission is to establish contact with Key Fans from across the language barriers. The obvious first choice will be Japanese Key fans, but I’m interested in connecting with other language Key fans as well. I know a few of our members are multilingual, so you’ll be more familiar with different Key fandoms than I am. Let’s start by establishing our targets.

Which Key communities should we start connecting with? I’m especially interested in Japanese Key fans, so I want to know what kind of groups form the Japanese web you think we should reach out to.

How will we do this? I’m still working out the details, but it might work like an informal interview type thing. With the help of a translator, I’ll post a message to the members on the other community, including any questions we have for them, and asking them if they have any questions for us. To do this, we’ll need people who are fluent in English and the language in question and willing to help, so this might not happen for a while, but I wanna start planning early!

Apart from promoting ourselves a bit and fostering connections with other Key communities around the world, I think part of my motivation for doing this is to eventually reach out to Japanese Key fans and show them that us foreigners ain’t so bad. There’s a real negative stigma looming over western Otaku these days, especially in the Key fandom with the recent drama over a certain kickstarter. Some might call this wasted effort, but I wanna do whatever I can to try and set a good example and show Japanese Key fans that we’re not all that bad.

Does any of this sound appealing to you? Once again, let me know what Key communities around the world you think we should connect with if you’re interested!

I hear the Spanish community is pretty big: http://blog.keysf.com/
So is the Thai community, but I can’t find out where they “congregate”

Oh dear lord that one again. Did the Japanese community ever give any opinions regarding that one, though?

From what I can recall from Twitter, Ayuket (@Ayuket) are one of the largest Key fan organization in Japan. They even hold events every now and then. A Spanish follower and his gf even gave them a surprise visit with LB! cosplays (@clow_shirow & @MiyazawaLulu )… wait. She has a Kazamatsuri account… o.O

Then, there is what @Pepe said in regards to the Spanish speaking community. They have even VNTL’d some of the Key VNs into Spanish

Also, there is @minatahatsune as one representative of the Vietnam community

There is a Brazilian one, but I’m not into Portuguese so I can’t tell u.uU

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What about specific twitter accounts we could reach out to? Very interested in some twitter accounts that are central to the Japanese Key fandom.

They laughed.

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For now, @sakagamitomo seems to give many Japanese Key fans RTs