Kinniku Sensation Podcast

Hello everyone! So, I’ve been toying around with this idea and have decided to go ahead and do it. Since a lot of us want to be in the Bookclub podcast but, ultimately, most of us won’t be in it, I’ve decided to do my own companion podcast, if you will, for those who won’t or can’t be in the Bookclub podcast.

It will follow the same format as the Bookclub podcast, where we have a week to complete a route, compose our thoughts on it and then record a podcast talking about it. But it will be on different days than the Bookclub podcast, that way anyone who’s a part of the Bookclub podcast won’t have to split time or choose between the two. We’ll also be following the same route order as the Bookclub, also so no one needs to choose one podcast over the other, and everyone’s on the same page, as this is not meant to compete with or replace the Bookclub podcast.

A few things to note. I’ll be setting up our own Discord server for this so we don’t flood the Kazamatsuri server talking about this. You also don’t need to have reached Dango rank on the forums to join this server, anyone is welcome so long as they’re playing the game along with us. But this is NOT an official Kazamatsuri Alternate Podcast or anything. This is our own thing. It won’t be advertised all over the forums or anything. I’ll be uploading the podcasts we do each week and sharing them here for any who wish to listen, but again, this is not Bookclub Version 2, this is all unofficial and just for fun. And lastly, this isn’t going to be some super strict thing. We’re gonna follow a schedule but other than that, the only rule here is don’t be disruptive or an otherwise rude person. Once we’re all together we’ll decide on what day of the week works best for most, if not all of us to record the podcast!

You can reply here, PM me here or PM me on Discord at Rinny#0558 if you’d like to join. I don’t want to post a link on the off chance it comes off as advertising or rule-breaking.

Anyways, here’s the schedule.

Weeks 1-3: Common Route & Rin Natsume 1
Week 4: Mio Nishizono
Week 5: Komari Kamikita
Week 6: Yuiko Kurugaya
Week 7: Haruka Saigusa
Week 8: Kudryavka Noumi
Weeks 9-10: Rin Natsume 2 and Little Busters Refrain
Week 11: Saya Tokido
Week 12: Sasasegawa Sasami
Week 13: Kanata Futaki
Week 14: Final For-Fun Podcast

And that’s the plan for now! Any other questions or comments, I’ll address here or via PM or on the Discord server should anybody have any! Hope to see you there!


I’m certainly interested! I’d appreciate the chance to talk about the story with different people, and hear a wider variety of opinions! :yahaha:


Just a quick question: has our all-powerful Aspirety approved this activity? I get the feeling he has from the topic description but I’d like some clarification since it’s not clearly stated.

That being said, if it is alright, I’d love to join this kind of podcast, at least when I’m free to do so. I’ll be busy this weekend and perhaps the next, but after Thanksgiving I should be good to go. I’m not sure if the podcast times are the same as the official Bookclub podcast times or not, but I really want a chance to participate any way I can.

I assume a lot of the people joining this podcast will be first-timers as well, so it’ll be pretty exciting to hear what they think of all the routes before the EX ones. :grin:


Yeah, staff approved it


Hooray for staff approval :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not Kazamatsuri endorsed. It’s just we’re allowing it to exist, haha.

All right everyone, less than a week until the first podcast is getting recorded! If you wanted to be a part of this, you are still more than welcome to come on in!


Why did you remove the alternative? :wtf:

To further differentiate it from the Bookclub podcast. Make it more its own thing. While it may possibly confuse people into thinking this is about the Bookclub podcast, they’ll see right away reading the post that it’s not.
Of course, if people get confused anyway I’ll change it back. I just wanted to further separate it.

If your goal is to make it more of its own thing, then, frankly, I don’t buy it. The fact that you follow the bookclub podcasts’ schedules to a tee makes it apparent just what your plan is: an alternative to the bookclub podcasts.

However if you really do want to differentiate it from the bookclub podcast, you’re gonna have to come up with a more original name. “Little Busters Podcast” is just way too generic.

Yeah I’ve asked the group to toss out some name ideas with me over the next couple of days. It’s not gonna just be “Little Busters Podcast”. It’s gotta be snazzier than that!

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Part of the condition of allowing the podcast to exist was to follow the same schedule.

We’re working on it! I’m personally a fan of “Rinny and the Jets” but I don’t know if it’ll catch on :yahaha:


The name has at last been decided. A mock podcast will be held on Wednesday so everyone can get a feel for how we all converse, as well as to see if the format works out. Folks are still more than welcome to join if they wish!

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The Kazamatsuri staff have allowed this podcast to be advertised on Kazamatsuri under a few conditions, so as to not harm the Little Busters Bookclub Podcast.

  1. That the podcast follow the Kaza route order and not be published before our own podcasts.
  2. That the podcast not be advertised outside of Kazamatsuri, such as publicly on Youtube.
  3. That the podcast not be named in such a way that one might confuse it for the Kazamatsuri Little Busters Bookclub Podcast.

All of these conditions have been broken by Rin one after another. We were willing to offer him a few chances to make up for his mistakes, but the repetitive breach of our agreement and claiming the conditions weren’t properly stated has caused a serious breach of trust, and we no longer wish to support this podcast. I just want to make sure everybody reading this understands the situation properly before deleting the thread. The Kazamatsuri staff relinquish their support of this podcast, and will no longer allow it to be advertised on Kazamatsuri. If any of you have any questions, feel free to message any of the moderators and we’ll be happy to further explain the situation.