Key's next major game, 'Summer Pockets' revealed!

I'll never forget these dazzling days.

It's been five years since Key last released a full-scale original visual novel with Rewrite. Today, the next entry in Key's main series of nakige is revealed at last. As was mentioned six months ago, a new major Key visual novel has been in

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Every character kinda doing their own thing? Protag just moved here? Girl with memory issues? Summer theme? Nostalgia for childhood!?

Re:Sora no Method coming to stores near you.


It looks pretty interesting. I like the concept of ‘summer vacation memories’. Wonder if it will have a true route… Also, I dunno what to expect with Niijima Yuu on the scenario. I played his last VN, Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo, and it was quite… unusual (the portion he wrote). It seems he has a thing for screwing up with the protagonist’s life or his relationship with a girl. And from what I’ve heard, he is probably leaning more towards the utsuge genre, so I wonder how this VN’s ending will turn out.

Also, I could be wrong, but this VN seems to lack male characters like LB! and AB had. Perhaps this title is a return to the old Key…

Now this looks like my kind of Visual Novel. Looking forward to seeing more, hopefully it holds up to first impression.

Ao be looking styling though.


tfw you forget summer vacation


I asked about the translation of that and nobody gave me a straight answer.

Concept art:


I’m kind of getting Air vibes from this, and the scenery looks really nice. Not to mention, the idea of remembering childhood summer vacation memories sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to this.

Looks like it’s probably going to be a heartWARMING VN. I’ll see myself out now.


I’ve seen this on twitter but it’s pretty promising honestly… Like, rather interesting as well, but I guess that’s because of the concept of this one.

So from what I got from the article here, it’s that it’ll focus on the “Nostalgia towards Childhood Summer Vacation” In this… I think this would seem interesting, considering the main girl has forgotten her memories of a
summer vacation, so with it I think the characters have to structure or at least create one that is memorable for her… as far as I can get, and don’t get me wrong this sounds like a good idea.

Also, Summer is like my 2nd favorite season of the year because of the beaches and free time, so it’s pretty nice to make something based on that as well, as Summer pretty much is freedom in a sense and just have fun and such? But that also depends how it’s executed in this honestly.

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If we’re lucky we’ll get an official translation around the release. Or at the very least I hope we don’t have to wait 3 years for a fan translation.

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I was really excited to hear about this new major game, Summer Pockets! The thought about summer and the girl losing her memories already had me hooked into the story. It has a very interesting story and it reminds me of AIR quite a bit with the nostalgia and all. I do believe it has much potential and hopefully it’ll get an English localization sometime in the future. I usually have low expectations when it comes to things being announced tbh so we’ll wait and see how things turn out. So, I’m looking forward to this Key game coming soon.

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_ I’m super hyped for this, which is funny because I’ve never played any of the other visual novels before. Regardless, I’m so glad Key is coming out with a new visual novel unrelated to previous works.
The town next to the ocean is giving me an AIR vibe.
No matter what, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

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Yes, I certainly hope so. I hope the official translation will follow soon or some communities will announce the translation project for summer pockets.