Key's 20th Anniversary Website is Up!

Key’s 20th anniversary celebrations have officially started with the grand opening of their 20th Anniversary website! There will be more content in the future, but for now there’s a special page which shows the timeline of Key. They’ve also announced a Key 20th commemorative box “Key BOX -for two decades-” which features songs from 50 released Key albums with 560 tracks in total. Preorders open on 1st July and end on 1st August for a shipping date of September. The box will be retailing at 50,000 JPY + tax, and you can preorder at VA Koubaibu Plus for what seems to be a pre-order only release. The tracklist is as follows:

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That is really lotta musics compilation for 6M IDR! :yahaha:

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I wonder if they will do anything for Kanon’s 20th Anniversary? :uguu:

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Wow, Happy 20th Anniversary for Key! I would not even know where to put all fifty discs. :blush:


So you can vote for your favorite Key song (Open until the 5th, and you can submit once per day)


And so the Top 10 was

10 Light Colours
9 ポケットをふくらませて - From SP
8 夜奏花 Yasōka - From SP
7 Little Busters!
6 Ichiban no Takaramono
5 Life is Like a Melody
4 アルカテイル - From SP (Alka Tale?)
3 Chiisana Tenohira
2 Toki wo Kizamu Uta
1 Tori no Uta

with honorable mentions for

Last Regrets

From HeliosAlphain Discord
Apparently Natsukage got the 7th most votes on Twitter. It just wasn’t actually in the poll

Key also gave the list of songs placed 11 - 20th

11 青空 ( Aozora )
12 だんご大家族 ( Dango daikazoku )
13 Philosophyz
14 恋文 ( Koibumi/Love Letter)
15 Song for friends
16 紬の夏休み ( ? Tsumugi no natsuyasumi ? From SP)
17 My Soul, Your Beats!
18 Last regrets
19 Alicemagic
20 遥か彼方 ( Faraway - Haruka Kanata )


I heard that Shinji Orito’s top 3 was Spica at the third place but I didn’t understand the others.

Oh boy, the next Key Poll is for Best Scene with voting to start on the 16th July and the results broadcast on the 3rd August ( get your tissue supply ready and to hand for that!).


I’m still sad that Song for Friends is at 15 and Haruka Kanata is at 20. It should’ve been at least a bit higher… Aozora as well…

Oh well…

Do you mean this?

I’ve never heard of ‘Spica’ before ( and honestly Trance does nothing for me!)

Yes it’s that one but I don’t think it was used during any of Key works.

Randomly found this while scrolling Facebook.

(no. 16 is actually pretty good)


If the trance part isn’t doing it for you, might I recommend this?

The pop-rock re-imagination of Spica which is my favorite version
(also the original version from the single was even more hardcore trance :yahaha:)


Reminder: The results of the Key best scene poll will be shown live at 19.00 Tokyo time on the 3rd August.

It’s going to be chock full of spoilers of course…


I guess they pretty much expect that anyone tuning in has already seen all of key’s series :yahaha:

Well they featured a lot of scenes from Air, Kanon, Clannad, Rewrite LB! AB! and Summer Pockets but not in any particular order. Pretty much all sad scenes that had the cast in tears! We can assume I guess the last three scenes shown had the most votes

AIR: I tried my best “Goal!” + “Aozora”
Clannad After Story: The Flower Field Scene + “The Place Where Wishes Come True II”
Little Busters Refrain: The Final Practice + “Faraway”

It was all VN versions only, so included 1st Beats


Only the VNs were considered. Many of the scenes were only talked about with an picture and caption in Japanese, so it’s not easy to be sure which particular scene it was. However we did get short clips that showed:

Angel Beats 1st Beat ( I’ve only seen the anime, so know naught about the VN )

After her attempts at a home run Yui and Hinata talk

Kanon Ayu Route

Ayu tells Yuuichi to forget about her

Amongst those shown with a caption only we have ID’d

Rewrite: 3 scenes were included, the best guesses are

Terra? : Rewrite scene 1

Terra? Departure from the City of Stone
Rewrite scene 2

Shizuru route?: Route ending and koibumi
Rewrite scene 3

Little Busters EX: Saya decides to commit suicide

Kanon Makoto route: The wedding at the end of the route

3 scenes from Summer Pockets which I don’t know at all (one with fireworks)

Clannad After Story: Tomoya reconciles with his father?

There were none from Tomoyo After, planetarian, Harmonia (or Kud Wafter!)

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Blasphemy! :naze:

I should have at least voted for that

Out of all the VNs I read, the choices are pretty good imo. Also happy the Flower Field Scene from CLANNAD After Story got included. (kinda expected it)

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Key 20th Anniversary ‘Best Character Poll’ open to 12th September

Vote using Twitter, or;
Direct link to the voting form


1 vote for 1 character from all KEY game/anime combined?? This might be the hardest poll I have ever encountered. :flustered:

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