Key Soundtracks and Arrange Albums available on Steam

Here’s a pleasant surprise for fans of Key music! A number of soundtrack and arrangement albums for Key properties – mainly Little Busters! but also Harmonia and Clannad – were suddenly released on Steam as downloadable content just a few days ago. Said albums, containing high-quality tracks both in MP3 and FLAC, are the following:

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“YAHOOOOO”, in Sunohara voice. :hiii:


I just bought Little Busters and Harmonia’s original soundtracks on steam! Thanks KEY! :haha:
I hope they plan on releasing Planetarian and Clannad’s OST too, that would be really cool.

There is the OST of Tomoyo after if you are interested :wink:

I bought the LitBus! OST a couple of days ago from Steam, now I can annoy the neighbours by playing ‘Exotic Toybox’ all day…

I haven’t read it yet, I also need to read Clannad side stories, I will check those out soon! :yahaha: