Key Orchestra Concert 2018 announced

2018 will be an awesome time for Key fans, as the company will be celebrating their 20th anniversary! In commemoration of this, VisualArt’s have announced that they will be holding an orchestral concert.

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Wish i could go… :uee:

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I was checking air tickets prices just now XD

I may or may not need to find a way to attend this

It’d be my first time overseas, but I’m seriously considering going too…

Oh wow. This reminds me of the Pokemon and Zelda concerts I saw in Philadelphia a few years back.

It looks like there’s not going to be a big string or wind section… I was looking forward to Angel Beats themes in full orchestration since. But having Kenichi Shimura and the Tokyo Philarmonic Chorus, both being known for their performances of Final Fantasy OSTs, amongst many other things.

Too bad I can’t attend, but I’m really looking forward to them releasing a limited edition BD or something like that.

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My feels when no Harmonia. Why… Whhyyyy?

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All I need to do is read Air and Planetarian. Until July I think I finish seeing Harmonia too. I am really eager to see the orchestrated songs. I would really like to be there personally, but my life at the moment barely gives me the right to eat well. lol. I wish the orchestra to be recorded.

This sounds awesome, won’t be able to go but hopefully I can buy something like a BD or something of it later. Key titles have always had some of my favourite music pieces after all.

Man this sounds so awesome. I’d be pretty amazed if they do a performance of Scene Shifts There //swoons

I’d love to attend this…

… but how…

… ;u;

BTW, just a small tidbit that I’d like to share (but decided that it wasn’t too important): a chamber orchestra is typically smaller than a philharmonic or symphony orchestra, and their specializations is a tad bit different… at least in the context of which Classical pieces they play.

A standard Classical-period (think: Mozart and Haydn) orchestra would have a smaller string section, a timpani, and a couple of each of the following: oboes, bassoons, horns, and trumpets – that’s the typical chamber orchestra setup. Stuff like flutes, clarinets, trombones and harps were late-Classical inventions, though weren’t exactly popularly used in orchestra until the Romantic period (think: Tchaikovsky and I guess Beethoven).

Well, that’s if we’re just talking about Classical music. Tokyo Chamber Orchestra seems to have performers of instruments I mentioned to be later inventions. I personally doubt that they all perform at the same time, though, considering the size of their string section. :o They do perform pop music arrangements (like one of their upcomingconcerts go something like a Mozart overture -> Tchaikovsky pieces -> Let it Go), so yeah there’s that. :))

Here’s a vid of one of their performances:

Anyway, I’m also curious about Meine Meinung. Here are some of their stuff I found last night:


Saw this the other day, man, I’d LOVE to go to this. I just have to see how much negative money I have after finishing school and if I get a job right away or not ^-^"

I just bought my ticket! :ahaha: although my seat is on the right side of the building but at least i’m happy to be there :yumm:
Does anyone also have the ticket? Let me know and maybe we can meet before the show on


Oooh someone’s actually going! If I were still in Japan, I’d definitely go there, but maybe I can nudge some of the other Kaza JP peeps to enjoy in my stead @RyuuTamotsu @Glenn_Irish @waravim @daysofsummer

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I have been looking forward to such an opportunity since I came to know works from Key through its great pieces of music. I just bought the ticket and I can’t decide whether I should go to Osaka one too…


How do you all buy the tickets? I mean, you do need a Japan address and phone number to register for an account from what I see. Unless you guys live there… or there is another way to buy it? Spoofing?

If you use the Lawson link, you can buy a ticket without creating an account.
I know 0 Japanese, but was able to purchase a ticket using only Google translate.
You should choose over-the-counter pickup, and you will be able to pick up a day or a few days before the performance at an affiliated store.
Delivery seems to require a Japanese address.

It took me 2 tries because the first time took too long (too much time using translate).

Edit: you’ll also want the Japanese title for the event in order to search.

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Thank you very much for the information! I was using pia and they required an account and so I assumed Lawson was the same. Welp got my ticket and looking forward to the concert!

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I hope they will sell cd of recording!

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