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Your singing is good, but it’s drowned out by horrible background noise. You need a better mic of recording conditions, or maybe some editing.

HEAVY AIR Spoilers, please refrain if you haven’t seen it yet.

I’ve just discovered this great doujin song. Enjoy!

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JI’m looking for a few particular covers I saw a long time ago. They were all done by one guy, and they were medleys of music from Clannad, Kanon and Air. They were on YouTube and I remember the titles were literally just CLANNAD, KANON, AIR in all cap.

The Kanon one paired the melody from Yakusoku with DBZ fighting game-esque guitar solos, and at one point in the video the guy was drumming on lettuce or something.

The Air one was 8 minutes long, and based primarily around Tori no Uta and Natsukage. The Clannad one was based almost entirely on Chiisana Tenohira if I remember correctly. Does anyone have links to these, or at least remember seeing them? I can’t seem to find them on YouTube anymore.

Edit: Found them! Very original arrangements with an interesting atmosphere. Especially cool when you realize this was done in the days before Kanon even had a good anime adaption.

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I always said I would never do it, but…

There are a LOT of tough notes in this one. I swear I gain more respect for Lia with every song of hers I cover.


Wow, you’ve really outdone yourself with this cover! You almost sound like a different person. Amazing!
You know what would go well with this? Some ocean sounds~

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Wow… that was really fucking good

Uwaaa! Amazing~<3

It’s been a while since I last sung anything Key-related, partially because of seasonal allergies and other projects I wanted to do. Although I can’t talk like a loli again just yet, I can still sing for the CLANNAD Bookclub!

I made this as a testing ground for the Kaza Chorus thing happening soon. Hopefully it’s good enough for me to be included in perhaps my only contribution to the bookclub. Hope you enjoy it! :smile:


I don’t think I’ve listened to Crawling since, like, middle school. Meanwhile, Sha La La Ecstasy brings back memories of some of the worst H-scenes I’ve ever had to endure.

I honestly don’t know which memories are more painful.

(And yet, it works.)

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To keep with the theme of AIR piano music, I finally got around to covering Futari. I’d actually practiced this piece last Summer, but over time forgot about it. Today I was just messing around and was able to remember the song and since it’s pretty easy for me now I figured I’d just lay it down. Aside from choking a bit near the end it went well enough. Sorry about shitty phone quality! Don’t really have any other options at the moment.

The pedaling, timing, dynamics and (insertion of) arpeggios were all improvised on the spot, so I doubt it’d sound quite the same if I did it again.

To avoid shitposting double posting I’m just going to merge my dumb post from yesterday with this one.


I’ve been thinking of doing a vocal cover of Toki o Kizamu Uta in my own language, and I have already come up with lyrics at this point. The problem(???) is that the off-vocal version of the song still has the harmonic lyrics on it, and it’s not going to turn out well if I used that or something.

I guess I’ll have to arrange an accompaniment on my own. ^^;

Meanwhile, I’ll just share a poorly-recorded piano cover by yours truly, who even got one note wrong. XD


Being Filipino myself, I’m genuinely interested in seeing the lyrics you made up for that. Let me know if you’re willing to share it!

Nice piano cover, btw :slight_smile:

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Yay, thanks! :smiley:

The lyrics are… still in the process of being edited. Still trying not to make it sound awkward haha. I’ll probably be able to record it by the weekend.

EDIT: I wasn’t able to finish it on the time I intended it to be huhu. I’ll hopefully finish it some time. XD

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Yesss Natsukage! I love this piece.

Also @eptakyrios, I think you should have your own topic for these piano transcriptions, or at least we should make a topic for musical transcriptions in general. What do you think?

This is masterpiece…feel like Arc Tonelico soundtrack series…


Ohhhh god that sent shivers down my spine @_@ thanks for sharing

Man this sounds like something from Umineko. Holy crap this is good!