Key MADs & AMVs

Hey if you liked that op parody here is a couple hundred more.

Okay I lied it is only 196, Man that meme was legendary.

I just saw this and I don’t know where else to put it but I’m so frustrated by how well this fits together:


This is my favourite MAD

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Hey, looks like @Tsukari reuploaded it!

@Aspirety I’ve got a ton saved that I really need to throw up at some point.

This one always gets banned on youtube one of my favorites.

gotta love this rap too

If that one is to count, how about this one?

My LB! favourite MAD (LB! spoilers)
and my favourite Rewrite MAD (Rewrite spoilers)
Rewrite MAD


Thanks for bringing that LB MAD to my attention! I know I’d seen it in the past, but I’d forgotten about it. Really really cool!

No idea where to post this, but here seems like the best place. I made Ring Ring Ring in Guitar Hero: WoR! Not too bad (The sounds you’re allowed to use are a bit limiting), and pretty fun to play:


Who are the scrubs on drums and bass?

Me -3- Doing the pattern on bass over and over is a challenge :stuck_out_tongue: And drums are haaard

guitar got wrekt though

Really nice job recreating it in guitar hero :o I honestly would like to try that some time!

Found another really good Rewrite and Little Busters op mashup. This one focuses on Saya. It’s also extremely accurate to the Rewrite op.
This contains Saya spoilers (which really fits the part in the song)

Also found a video that has every Key franchise in Little Busters op form!

I’ll rehost all this stuff to youtube if anyone would prefer that.

Just found the FUNNIEST videos by a guy with the username (21).

They’re all sentence mixed funny scenarios (usually involving loli loli hunters).

Wow what a thumbnail. Anyway this is amv about Yui. It’s 1,5 minute long and I think it’s a really nice mix of her eccentricity and the heavier moments. Contains spoilers for Yui’s situation in life.

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Warning. Heavy spoilers. Clannad / After Story

I really like this MAD. I’ve just found it… Good selection of scenes, use fullscreen. :slight_smile:

3 Likes君の知らないrefrain-リトバス-sm15524389_shortfilms

Heavy LB spoilers

I’ve found this AMV, it may be one of the best for Clannad (warning, heavy spoilers, please watch the series).

update 15th June…

A couple of weeks ago I’ve bookmarked this (imho) awesome AMV for AIR.
I hope you like it. MEGA HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD… btw.

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Calling this AMV amazing would still be an understatement. All the tiny details the maker put into it and the neat editing that fits with the tempo and music, you can really tell how much efforts were put into this AMV the more you rewatch.

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so, I just randomly found this in my opinion really well made Little Busters MAD with big focus on Saya and therefore big Saya route spoilers in this one

Little Busters Saya MAD