Key Launches Summer Pockets Short Story Project

Key have started up a new short story project for Summer Pockets under the subtitle 夏の眩しさの中で(In the Summer Brilliance). The three scenario writers of Summer Pockets–Niijima Yuu, Kai, and Hasama–will take turns bringing stories expanding on the lives of the characters and stuff going on in the background of the main story. Accompanied by illustrations from Fumuyun, these stories will be released on the official site at the end of each month. The first one centered around Sorakado Ao is already available, and it seems to detail events leading up to Ao meeting Hairi in the main story. Interestingly enough, it looks like the stories will be available in both e-book form and HTML form. The goal with this appears to be making it easier to read on a phone.

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