Key Heroine Switcheroo

While many of our favorite heroines can be labeled as “Key Heroines”, they are also put under their own series. However, what would it be like if Ayu Tsukimiya was a Little Busters! heroine? That’s what the purpose of this topic is: take our beloved Key heroines and put them in different Key series. Think up how the would fit in the settings of different Key VNs, how they would interact with different protagonists and heroines, and if their stories would be any different.


Wow, there is just sooo much potential for this topic :yahaha: I’m gonna have to take this one by one to get the most out of this. But I think the most exciting one to think about is seeing other heroines in Rewrite. So for my first option, I’m going to suggest Mio as a Rewrite Heroine

Little Busters Mio Route + Post-common Rewrite spoilers:

So having Mio join the occult club isn’t all that far from reality. However, considering her personality, I could definitely see her as a Gaia person. I figure her problems would carry over from her route in Little Busters, meaning she would still desire to keep herself as unchanging, therefore, wanting to change the world instead. Midori could appear in the form of a familiar, and the conclusion could be Mio not realizing this, having to confront her own fears in the form of her familiar


I’ve always felt like Shiori Misaka and her sister Kaori would fit right into Clannad.

Copious Clannad and Kanon spoilers ahead:

Shiori always felt like the odd one out with her story focused on family in a game that centered primarily on childhood friendships. Clannad would be a pretty easy fit, since the tension between Shiori and her sister would play right into the themes of family there. Of course, there’d be some interesting parallels that could be drawn with other members of that cast. Nagisa’s sickness causing her to miss a year jumps to mind. And the strained relationship between the sisters is reminiscent of the Fujibayashi sisters at the height of their conflict in Kyou’s arc. My biggest fear would be that Shiori’s story might feel too similar, and dilute the uniqueness of the heroines in Clannad.

As far as changes go, Shiori’s cold weather outfit would probably need some sort of tweak. She’d look kind of silly with a shawl wrapped around her shoulders in the height of spring.


Double post, I know, but I just thought of another good crossover. Makoto from Kanon in Rewrite.

Our little fox-girl would fit in well with the magical nature-focused world of Rewrite. Would she qualify as a familiar? A possible explanation of her existence is that she was an animal who sacrificed her remaining life to create a temporary human body, and she only has so much time because the life force she used was limited. Basically the same explanation as Kanon, but couched in the mythos of Rewrite. Of course, Rewrite has more ready solutions to that problem, and i could see her sticking around instead of fading away like in Kanon.

Makoto’s not a fighter, though, even if she does look a lot like Chihaya. She might have a hard time getting by in a world with Gaia and Guardian. Kotori might be willing to take her in, though, since her natural roots would appeal to her druidic nature.